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The Territorial Army Recruitment process comprises different stages. The Territorial Army Selection Process is different for civilians and Ex-servicemen. Each of them is discussed below in complete detail:

Ex-Servicemen TA Selection Process

The ex-services man selection process under Territorial Army recruitment involves only 2 stages, i.e., the Army Headquarters Selection Board test and medical examination.

Civilians TA Selection Process

For Civilians, the Territorial Army officer selection process has three stages: Preliminary Interview Board PIB), Services Selection Board (SSB), and medical examination. The candidates must crack each stage of the Territorial Army (TA) selection process successfully.

Territorial Army SSB Interview Testing

This will last for five days, in two stages excluding the day of arrival. The details are as under:-

(a) Stage I

Stage I testing shall commence at 0630AM on the first day and will comprise the following:- (i) An Intelligence Test. (ii) A Picture Perception and Discussion Test.

(b) In case of your rejection in Stage I, you shall be returned from the Centre by 1 PM that day.

(c) Stage II

The Stage II test comprises the following for the next four days:- (i) Psychological Test.

(ii) Group Test I and II for two days (In case of excess no. of Candidates, GTO Test may be conducted in one day)

(iii) Interview.

Free boarding and lodging will be provided to you for the period of your stay at the Selection Centre. Joining instructions for your guidance and compliance are enclosed. Please bring this letter with you and deposit the same at the Centre on arrival. You are entitled to get a travelling allowance in case you are coming to SSB for the first time for this entry.

Please note that no lunch will be provided by the Selection Centre on the day you report to the Selection Centre.

Territorial Army SSB Selection Centres

  • Centre East, Allahabad
  • Centre Central, Bhopal
  • Centre South, Bangalore
  • Centre North, Kapurthala

Territorial Army SSB Interview - Items to Be Bought

S. No.


Quantity Gents

Required Ladies



Dark colour trousers and light colour shirt

1 set 

1 set*

*Suits/Sarees permissible 



1 pair

1 pair



Neck Tie





Winter Wear



Seasonal requirement during winter


White shorts & T-shirts

½ sets


For GTO tests 




2 set @

* For winters only @ May wear appropriate Indian dress


Sports shoes 



Preferably White


Socks white

1/2 pairs

1/2 pairs



Writing material (pen (blue/black), pencil, eraser, A4 size white paper (10 Nos) 

Adequate quantity

Adequate quantity



Passport size colour photograph

20 copies 

20 copies 

The background of the photo should be white


Toilet items

As required 

As required 



Lock and key for the safety of personal belongings

Facilities for the TA SSB Candidates

The SSB serves as most candidates' introduction to the military and life in uniform. Therefore, the Selection Center strives to make it a pleasant, engaging, and once-in-a-lifetime event. Many amenities have been made available for the candidates' convenience and entertainment in order to achieve this goal. It not only keeps children interested but also relieves tension.

Messing and Accommodation for Territorial Army Interview Candidates

The candidate Mess seeks to introduce the candidates to the conventions of communal dining and Mess etiquette. It is comparable to a current Cadets' Mess in any top training facility. There is room in The Mess for 150 applicants to eat at once. They are permitted to consume Army rations at full officers' scale. With an automatic roti maker, potato peeler, wet and masala grinder, atta kneader, and a number of other machines, the cook house has been semi-automated.


The candidates are housed in contemporary, well-decorated rooms. It is made sure that the candidates have a home that meets their basic administrative needs and is safe and comfortable. Airy, well-lit, and fully equipped rooms are available. After a long day of testing, they provide the applicants with a well-deserved sanctuary.

Territorial Army Travelling Allowance (TA)

(a) TA is admissible for the shortest route only.

(b) AC 3 Tier fare (including reservation-cum-sleeper charges) by the main route from home station to Allahabad/Bangalore/Bhopal and bus fare from home to the nearest railway station (if not connected by rail) will be paid as per government rates on production of tickets.

(c) No reimbursement of rail/bus fares/ reservation-cum-sleeper charges will be permitted in the absence of original travel documents.

(d) You are entitled to TA when you attend the interview for a commission for the first time. Such allowance is not admissible for second or subsequent attempts for the same type of commission.

Territorial Army Medical Examination

(a) You should be physically fit and free from an ailment or any health problem which may hamper your performance in the physical test/interview.

(b) In case you qualify for the Stage-II testing, you shall be required to undergo a Special Medical Board (SMB) over the next four to six days. In exceptional and unavoidable circumstances, it may take up to eight days.

(c) In your own interest you are advised to undergo a preliminary medical checkup for wax in ears, refractory error of eyes, fungal infections of skin, eosinophilia, knock knee and flat foot or any other disease before reporting for an SSB interview.

MKC 14-Day TA SSB Training



DAY - 1

Introduction to SSB(5 days SSB Procedure, Officer Like Qualities & PIQ form)

DAY - 2


DAY - 3

Screening test, Mock practice and Feedback

DAY - 4

Introduction to Psychological Test & Thematic Apperception Test

DAY - 5

Word Association Test & SRT (Situation Reaction Test)

DAY - 6

Self-Description Test & Complete Psychological Test and Feedback

DAY - 7

OIR, (Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning class)

DAY - 8

Personal Interview Briefing

DAY - 9

Mock Interview & Feedback to Student

DAY - 10

Mock Interview & Feedback to Student

DAY - 11

G.T.O. Briefing, GD and Lecturette

DAY - 12

P.G.T, H.G.T, G.P.E, & G.O.R.

DAY - 13

IO, CT, FGT and Conference

DAY - 14


SSB Interview Course Fee Details:

Course Name/Code SSB+ SPOKEN
Course Duration 14 DAYS+1 MONTH
Form Fee Rs.525/
Course Fee Rs.15,000/-
Total Payable Amount Rs.15,525/-Pay Now
Course Name/Code SSB INTERVIEW
Course Duration 14 Days
Form Fee Rs.525/
Course Fee Rs.12,000/-
Total Payable Amount Rs.12,525/-Pay Now
Course Duration 3 Days
Form Fee Rs.525/
Course Fee Rs.3,000/-
Total Payable Amount Rs.3,525/-Pay Now
Course Duration 14 DAYS+1 MONTH
Form Fee Rs.525/
Course Fee Rs.15,000/-
Total Payable Amount Rs.15,525/-Pay Now
Course Duration 14 Days
Form Fee Rs.525/
Course Fee Rs.12,000/-
Total Payable Amount Rs.12,525/-Pay Now
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