Join the reputed coaching Institute in India, the Major Kalshi Classes for the preparation of the SSB Interview under the guidance of the Ex-SSB Interviewers.

Best SSB Interview Coaching Institute In India:

The SSB Interview is the one and only way to become an officer in the Indian Armed Forces. Either you appear for the Indian Army SSB Interview or Navy or Airforce. The conducting body of the Interview may be different but the process will be the completely same in every manner. There is no other way to join the service at the officer’s rank without clearing the SSB Interview.

The Interview is completely different and it needs proper preparation to clear the Interview. If you are looking for the Best SSB Interview Classes in India, Join the Major Kalshi Classes to get trained under the defence examiners and Ex-SSB Interviewers. The SSB Interview is a five days long and completely different Interview than regular or academic Interviews. Here are the details about the SSB Interview process.

Service Selection Board (SSB) Interview Process:

The SSB Stands for Service Selection Board. SSB Interview is a five days long Interview and each day of the Interview is different. Here are the details about each day of the Interview.

Day-1 of SSB: Reporting:

  • Documents Check
  • Form filling
  • Testing
  • Verbal, non-verbal intelligence test
  • Picture Perception description test (PPDT), etc

This day is very important for everyone. Those candidates who clear this round will stay for the further days of the Interview and the rest of the candidates will be sent back home.

Day-2: Following Tests will be conducted:

  • Thematic Apperception Test
  • Word Association Test
  • Situation Reaction Test
  • Self Description Test etc

Day-3 of SSB: GTO Task Round:

  • GTO (Group Testing Officers)
  • Group discussion
  • Group planning exercise
  • Progressive group task
  • Half group task
  • Individual obstacle task
  • Command task
  • Group obstacle task etc

The GTO rounds are known as the tough rounds to score. This day is basically full of mind games where you have to participate and score marks as per your capability. For this round, the special training given by the Major Kalshi Classes and train and educate the candidates in every manner to score better in this round as well. Join the Best SSB Coaching Institute in India which is conducted & hosted under the guidance of the Ex-SSB Interviewers and Defence Officers.

Day 4 of the SSB: Personal Interview:

In the Personal Interview round, Examiners are free to ask any questions, it can be related to your personal lives or maybe from subjects as well etc. Well, you have to reply gently to every question. There are proper tricks to appear, act and reply in the SSB Interview. Learn everything about the Interview and be able to crack it. The Major Kalshi Classes are known for providing the Best SSB Interview Classes in India. It is very easy to get trained for the SSB Interview at the Major Kalshi Classes.

Day 5 of SSB: Conference

The conference day is basically a test or activity. This is the day when you will be told your result. All the candidates who clear the Interview will proceed for further phases of selection. Most probably that would be a medical examination.

SSB Interview Preparation:

There are many rules and regulations to appear in the SSB Interview. It is important for every candidate who is appearing in the Interview must be aware of it. Any wrong movement or inappropriate behavior can be a reason to disqualify you.

The Major Kalshi Classes prepares the students for the SSB Interview within a month and the training Is given by the Ex-SSB Interviewers and Defence Officers etc. It becomes easy for any candidate to get trained well at MKC. Join the reputed SSB Coaching Institute in India and get trained well in every manner and be able to clear the Interview.

MKC 14 Days SSB Training Details:

Days Details
DAY - 1 Introduction to SSB(5 days SSB Procedure, Officer Like Qualities & PIQ form)
DAY - 2 Screening
DAY - 3 Screening test, Mock practice and Feedback
DAY - 4 Introduction to Psychological Test & Thematic Apperception Test
DAY - 5 Word Association Test & SRT (Situation Reaction Test)
DAY - 6 Self Description Test & Complete Psychological Test and Feedback
DAY - 7 OIR, (Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning class)
DAY - 8 Personal Interview Briefing
DAY - 9 Mock Interview & Feedback to Student
DAY - 10 Mock Interview & Feedback to Student
DAY - 11 G.T.O. Briefing, GD and Lecturette
DAY - 12 P.G.T, H.G.T, G.P.E, & G.O.R.
DAY - 13 IO, CT, FGT and Conference

Major Kalshi Classes for SSB Interview Preparation:

The Preparation at the Major Kalshi Classes becomes very easy as our classes are conducted by the Ex-SSB Interviewers. A person who has been in the Interview and has conducted the real SSB Interview will give you the training. A normal teacher or Instructor cannot train you for an Interview as better as the Ex-SSB Interviewers can do. Join the Best Institute for SSB Interview in India and get trained well for the Interview. At the MKC, one gets

  • Spoken English Classes Every Day.
  • Current Affairs Classes Every Day.
  • Physical Fitness Test
  • Motivational Lecture, Speech, Tips, and Tricks by the Retired Officers and Academic Director.
  • Regular Introduction with the recommended candidates.

Well, Join the Batch and be on the list of selected candidates. Our team will prepare you mentally to clear SSB Interview and beat the competition. Here are the details about the MKC Courses.

SSB Interview Course Fee Details:

Course Name/Code SSB Interview/3301
Course Duration 14 Days
Form Fee Rs.525/
Course Fee Rs.10,000/-
Total Payable Amount Rs.10,525/-
Course Name/Code Interview/3305
Course Duration 3 Days
Form Fee Rs.525/
Course Fee Rs.3,000/-
Total Payable Amount Rs.3,525/-
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