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Best SSB Interview Coaching in Bhopal

Major Kalshi Classes is the Best SSB Interview Coaching in Bhopal.

Best SSB Interview Coaching in Bhopal

We believe that Geniuses are made, not born ‘’ They can be made with sheer commitment and their own determination in tandem with qualitative guidance and more and more practice we prepare you for your bright future. 

Welcome to the MKC i.c Major Kalshi Classes PVT. LTD. (Best SSB Interview Coaching in Bhopal)

As a way to get commissioned, we offer all defence exam preparation in our training institute SSB interview i.e Services Selection Board is one of them. Our institute has specialities in GTO - Ground Task Officers consists of obstacles tasks under the guidance of an Ex-Gto psychological Test by an Ex-psychologist, the latest screening test, dos and don'ts of each test will illustrations individual feedback and counselling, latest current affairs session verbal and Non- verbal reasoning classes (OIR Test) Use of Audiovisual Aids Exhaustive on each test, Interview by Ex- interviewing officers and SSB Board presidents, PABT Test, we also have dedicated batches based on curriculum and mediums, be it study materials or mentorship, we provide ver  support to each student now, we discuss the SSB Interview i.e Services Selection Board in detail is given below -: 

Many aspirants have a dream  to earn stars on his / her shoulders and become commissioned officers in the Indian Armed Force, Many defence aspierters want to join    


SSB i.e Service Selection Board interview is one of the strenuous and longest interview, or we can elebrately say it scans you thoroughly well SSB i.e Service Selection Board is not mere a test but a procedure. There are five days' procedures where you go through different ways of testing your personality.

The candidates who clear their written exam such as CDS, NDA i.e National Defense Academy , TA , INET, and AFCAT are  then called by respective military boards for  ssb Service Selection  Board interview one can also appear for SSB interview by getting shortlisted direct entries - ARMY TES , NAVY TES, NCC ,JAG ENTRY , SSC TECH ,ETC. 

The selected students then need to appear before a service selection board for an intelligence and personality test. 

All those who are preparing to be a part  of the defense forces should know all the full details about SSB i.s service Selection Board interview because until you understand the clemand of the interview you will not be able to perform well. Read this informative article to know the comp;ete procedure of SSB (services Selection Board) interview.




The SSB (Service selection Board ) interview spans for 5 days during which various tests are conducted or framed to test the qualities and personality of the aspirants. SSB (Services Selection Board) interviews have a unique pattern and procedure when the tests are framed in a manner  so as to reflect the actual personality and psychology of the candidate. There are certain established qualities n the indian Armed forces called the ‘’OFFICERS LIKE QUALITIES’’(OLQS) which are usually looked for in a aspirant during this interview so the five day procedure is an attempt by the Selection Board to observe the candidates and scrutinize their every quality to see if they have the required OLQS.

The entire procedure as followed on different days is as follows in details is given below -:


On the very first day, the screening test is conducted consisting of an OIR (Officers Intelligence Rating) tst and PPDT (Picture Perception and Description Test ) in the OIR candidates are given a set of 50 questions based on quantitative aptitude and verbal and Non- verbal reasoning The time given to solve these question will be 30 Minutes. After that in  PPDT, Candidates will be shown a static picture on the projector for 30 seconds and they have to come up with a thoughtful story based on your perception. 

The candidates who do not perform well are sent back  on the first day .



After the first day, the candidate is called for psychological testing on the second day of SSb interview. 

TAT (Thematic Apperception Test) -: In this test, the candidates are shown II hazy / blur pictures on the projector and candidates have to write a positive story. The 12th picture will be blank and the candidate needs to write a self - description.

WAT (WORD ASSOCIATION TEST) -: This tes determine candidates’s psychology 60 words shown on projector and candidate have to associate these words with some positive events, 

SRT (Situation Reaction Test) -:  In this 10 minutes will be given to the candidate for answering these questions . 60 questions are given and candidate have to write 2-3 sentence in each situation


On the third and fourth day the GTO tasks are done to  determine the suitable candidate GTO (Group Testing Officer) is the most powerful person in the SSB interview because he will spend two days of testing the abilities of candidates GTO testing divided into following tasks -:

  • Group Discussion (GD)
  • Group Planning Exercise (GPE)
  • Progressive Groups Task (PGT)
  • Group Obstacle Race  (GOR)
  • Half Group Task (HGT)
  • Lecturette
  • Individual Obstacles 
  • Command Task
  • Final Group Task


D- day of the SSB Interview on this day the candidate is called for the conference for verification by the panel and after this the result is announced.

A personal interview round is also organized on any day between the second to the fourth day.

The interviewing officers are a top senior officer like a colonel or Brigadier.

Personal  Interview is an integral part of SSB interview process  in which the details in PIQ i.e Personal Information Questionnaire form are matched with your personality so they need to be correct and genuine.

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