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If you are looking for the best SEC Coaching in Ranchi, you have come to the correct place. Yes, Major Kalshi Classes provides the best SEC Coaching in Ranchi. We provide the best SEC Guidance for all Defence Exams. NDA, CDS, AFCAT, CAPF, Indian Coast Guard, TES, TGC, B.Tech Navy Entry, TA, INET, SEC, NCC Special Entry, and many other entries require candidates to pass the SSB Interview.

We provide best-in-class facilities and an experienced faculty comprised of Ex-SSB Interviewers and Subject Matter Experts to the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force. The 5-Day SSB Interview is held by the Services Selection Board to shortlist individuals who will be trained in various Defence Academies such as the IMA, INA, OTA, and AFA and will become commissioned officers in the Indian Armed Forces.

Concerning the SEC Recruitment for the Indian Air Force Service Entry Commission

The Indian Air Force Service Entry Commission recruits for the permanent commission on an annual basis. Sgt and above with at least a 10+2 education, 10 years of service, and between the ages of 34 and 42 are eligible. The IAF provides the opportunity to become a regular commissioned officer in many ground duty branches (both technical and non-technical). In the selection process for airmen, higher education credentials and athletic accomplishments are given weight.


Overview of the Air Force Service Entry Commission

To be considered for the commissioning course at AFA, qualified airmen must pass both the written exam and the SSB interview. When the process is finished successfully, they are given a permanent commission.


Conducting Body

Indian Air Force

Name of the Scheme

Service Entry Commission (SEC)

Type of Commission

Permanent Commission

Age Limit

34 to 42 years

Training Session

1 year

Number of Attempts

3 attempts allowed

Selection Process

  • Submit Names to A Branch
  • Interview with Commanding Officers (CO)
  • Written test
  • SSB Interview


Criteria for Indian Air Force SEC Entry

Qualifications in Education

To apply for a Service Entry Commission in the Indian Air Force, candidates must be at least a degree. It is the bare minimum that every applicant must possess.


Age Restrictions

The candidate must be at least 34 years old but no older than 42 years old.

Minimum Service


Before applying for the Indian Air Force SEC Recruitment, they must have completed at least 13 years of service as an airman or Agniveer Vayu.


Important Indian Air Force SEC Points

Some factors to consider when applying for SEC Entry are as follows:

  • Weightage is given to airmen with higher qualifications.


  • There should be no entries in red ink.


  • Only two black entries per service are permitted (none in the previous six months).


Selection Procedure for the Indian Air Force Service Entry Commission (SEC)


The SEC Air Force Selection process is broken down into parts. They are further discussed below.


  • Submission of Names to the A branch

The candidates have to submit their names to Branch A if they are willing to get promoted to the post of SEC in the Indian Air Force. It is the first stage towards proceeding with the SEC entry. After the submission of the names, there are three more steps before joining the Special Entry Commission.

  • Interview with the Commanding Officer (CO)

After submitting their names, candidates must appear for an interview with the Commanding Officer. If the candidate is approved by the CO, they must then appear for the next step of the SEC selection process, a written test.


  • Written Test

The written exam is given to applicants who the CO or the Commanding Officer has shortlisted. If they pass the written exam and qualify for the SSB Interview, they will proceed to the SSB Interview.

  • SSB Interview

The SSB Interview for Indian Air Force SEC Entry is identical to other defense exams. Candidates must attend the 5-day SSB Interview, which consists of two stages: Stage 1 - The Screening Test, and Stage 2 - Psychological exams, GTO, and the Conference.


The SEC SSB Interview Process may differ differently according on the type of Entry you are applying for. The SEC SSB Interview Process is separated into two stages: Stage 1 and Stage 2. The processes completed on Day 1 of the SSB Interview are classified as Stage 1, and all activities from the second to the fifth day are classified as Stage 2.


 Process of SEC SSB Interview Selection

The SEC SSB Interview for the ACC Entry Exam is held on 5 consecutive days. Candidates who pass the written exam are invited to an interview with the SEC SSB. Candidates are tested on a range of characteristics over the course of five days.

  • Day 1 (Stage I):
    • Intelligence test
    • Picture perception & Discussion test

Candidates who pass this step must appear for Stage II.

  • Day 2 (Stage II):
    • Psychological test
    • Group task
    • Personal Interview
  • Day 3: GTO test
  • Day 2-4: Interviews

Day 5: Conference

MKC 14 Day  SEC SSB Training



DAY - 1

Introduction to SSB(5 days SSB Procedure, Officer Like Qualities & PIQ form)

DAY - 2


DAY - 3

Screening test, Mock practice and Feedback

DAY - 4

Induction to Psychological Test & Thematic Apperception Test

DAY - 5

Word Association Test & SRT (Situation Reaction Test)

DAY - 6

Self-Description Test, Psychological Test, and Feedback

DAY - 7

OIR, (Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning class)

DAY - 8

Personal Interview Briefing

DAY - 9

Mock Interview & Feedback to Student

DAY - 10

Mock Interview & Feedback to Student

DAY - 11

G.T.O. Briefing, GD and Lecturette

DAY - 12

P.G.T, H.G.T, G.P.E, and G.O.R.

DAY - 13

IO, CT, FGT and Conference

DAY - 14


SEC SSB Interview Marking Scheme

In terms of the SEC SSB Marking System, each of the three assessors will score the medical exam, group task, and personal interview for a total of 300 points (PI). Each assessor must achieve a minimum score of 90. The SSB has a total of 900 points. It is also divided into four sections (psychology, GTO, interview, and conference round), with each test phase receiving 900/4=225 points. You must obtain at least 90 points out of these 225 in order for either of the assessors to say "Yes," while less than 90 results in a "No."

The first four days of the SSB interview procedure include screening, psychological testing, GTO exercises, and a personal interview. In this situation, you must pass with at least 90*3= 270 points. 1) Assume that one applicant earns 80 points for the interview, 70 points for the GTO, and 75 points for the psychological test. The overall score is 225.

2) A different candidate receives a total of 250 out of the required 270 points. As a result, the significance of the conference round is now clear. If your grade point average is more than 240, the conference round will determine if you are recommended.

Complete SEC SSB Interview Marking Scheme-

Each assessor must provide a minimum of 90 points. SEC SSB has a total score of 900. It is then separated into four sections (psychology, GTO, interview, and conference round), with each receiving 900/4=225 points.



Minimum Marks for Recommendation
















SEC Positions in the Indian Air Force

When airmen join the Indian Air Force and serve for 13 years, they are eligible to apply for various Service Entry Commission positions. When they join the SEC, they are assigned the rank of Sergeant.

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