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If you do not do the best in your chosen examination, the Indian Army gives you another chance, by which you can be selected to serve as an officer in the Indian Army.

SCO is known as (Special Commission officers) Entry. Friends,if  you want to get commissioned in the Indian Army and want to serve your country, the Indian Army releases many applications for the interested candidates to join the Indian Army and fulfil your dream.

By the help of this content, you may surely get accurate and valuable information about the special commission officer interview. You must read this article of ours till the end, with which you get accurate. And detailed information about this entry.

One of the most important of these entries is the Special Commission Officer. By this entry, candidates are appointed to the post of an officer under the Permanent Commission.

JCO and NCO candidates selected as admissions under the Special Commission Officer. The age of the candidate should be between 28 to 35 years to join this entry. To join this entry, the candidates must pass the 12th examination. As per the selection process, candidates are considered eligible for the permanent commission only after an SSB interview and screening by the Medical Board.

Once the candidates are selected after the above selection process The candidates are then required to undergo pre-commission training for 1 year at OTA Gaya for training. Basic promotions and acting incentives for regular officers are also given equally. From this application form and after completion of training, officers are selected as Deputy Unit Commander / Quartermaster. After a gradual promotion, they are appointed to the rank of Major. Sometimes they are also employed as various additional regimental.

Candidates appointed at the age of 28 to 35 years keep under permanent commission in the army for a period of about 20 to 25 years. At the age of 57, these officers retired. This scheme not only improves the career prospects of the current JCOs but also helps to meet the shortage of Assistant Cadre Officers in the Army to some extent.

For appearing in the SCO (Special Commission Officer) entry the candidate must have to be fit in eligibility criteria which released by the indian Army-:

  • Age limit of candidates should be  between 30 to 35 years . minimum service of five years can apply 
  • Medical category should shape .
  • Educational qualification of SCO i.e special commission officer 12th class of 10+2 pattern as equivalent.
  • (Special commission officer entry) notification out twice  a year in January and July .
  • Training of SCO (Special Commission officer) entry is Eight weeks of communication skill capsule at  ACC center and college, Panchmari followed by one year at OTA (Officer Training Academy) at Gaya 
  • Candidate should be married/ unmarried 
  • Age of retirement of candidates is 57 years.
  • Total vacancies of SCO (Special commission Officer) Entry is 100 seats. 


The SSB  Service Selection Board interview spans 5 days during which various tests are conducted or framed to test the qualities and personality of the aspirants.SSB i.e Service Selection Board interview has a unique pattern and procedure where the tests are framed in a manner so as to reflect the actual personality and psychology of the candidate.

There are certain established qualities in the Indian Armed forces called the ‘Officer Like Qualities’ (OLQ) which are usually looked for in an aspirant during this interview. So the five-day procedure is an attempt by the Selection board to observe the candidates and scrutinise their every quality to see if they have the required OLQ. (Officers like Qualities) The entire procedure as followed on different day is as follows in details is given below -:


On the very first day, the screening Test is conducted consisting of an OIR (Officers intelligence Rating) test and PPDT (Picture Perception and Description Test) 

In the OIR (Officers Intelligence Rating) Test , candidates are given a set of 50 questions based on Quantitative Aptitude and Verbal and Non- verbal  and Non- verbal reasoning The time given to solve these questions will be 30 minutes. After that in PPDT(Picture Perception and Description Test ), the Candidate will be  shown a static picture on the projector for 30 second and they have to come up with a thoughtful story based on your perception 

The candidates who do not perform well are sent back on the first day.


After the first day , the candidate is called for psychological testing on the second day of SSB i.e Service Selection Board Interview are given below-:

TAT (Thematic Apperception Test ) 

In this test, the candidates are shown a hazy / blurred picture on the projector and the candidate has to write a positive story.The  12th picture will be blak and the candidate needs to write a self - description.

Wat (Word Association Test)

This test determines the candidate’s psychology . 60 words shown on projector and candidates have to associate these words withs some positive events.

SRT (Situation Reaction Test)

In this 10 minutes will be given to the candidate for answering these questions . 60 question are given and candidate have to write 2-3 sentences in each situation 

SSB (Service Selection Board) Interview - DAY 3 and 4 

On the third and fourth day the GTO (Ground Task Obstacle) is done to determine the Suitable candidate GTO (Group Testing Officers) is the most powerful  person in the SSB (Service Selection Board) Interview he will spend two days testing the abilities of candidates.

GTO testing divided into following -:

  • Ground Discussion (GD)
  • Group Planning Exercise (GPE)
  • Progressive Group Task (PGT)
  • Group Obstacle Race (GOR)
  • Half Group Task (HGT)
  • Lecturettle 
  • Individual Obstacles (IO)
  • Command Task (CT)
  • Final Group Task (FGT)

SSB Interview - Day - 5

D- Day of the SSB (Service Selection Board) Interview  On this day the candidate is called for the conference for verification by the panel and after this the result is announced.

A Personal interview round is also organised on any day between second to the fourth day.

The interview officers are top senior officer like Colonel or Brigadier. A personal interview is an integral port of SSB (Service Selection Board) interview in PIQ i..e Personal Information Questionnaire. So they need to be correct and genuine.


The Army has made a relaxation to the selection criteria of Special Commissioned Officers (SCO) entry. The new rules will come into force in January 2022 and will be there as a pilot project for two years.

The Army has sent out instructions to all units that those participating in the selection process through the Services Selection Board need not undergo the ‘stage 1’ of the selection process.

What is the Selection Procedure for SCO after clearing SSB?

Once a candidate clears the SCO and SSB interview, the next step is a medical test. If a candidate is medically fit as declared by the medical board, they will get a call to join the AEC centre, Pachmarhi. Once candidates complete 8 months of training, they have to go through another training OTA (Officers Training Academy) at Gaya. Further, after one year of training at OTA, the person comes out from the academy as a lieutenant. 

The Army Board has made a few relaxations for the SCO entry candidates in the SSB interview process. The changes are yet to be finalised and will come in the coming years.  

Friends, through today’s article, we have given you information about the Special Commission Officer. If you also want to be recruited in the army by the Special Commission Officer. Then it provides a better opportunity for you. Soon the notification of the application form for this examination should be submitted on the official website of the Indian Army. If you want to get all other types of information about the Special Commission Officer, then you can get the information by visiting the official website of Major Kalshi Classes PVT.LTD in Kanpur.  


SCO is the direct entry in which you (Special Commission Officers) have to prepare for the SSB Service Selection Board interview.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What are Special Commission Officers and how are they appointed? Answer: They are also appointed in the same way as all the candidates are selected in the Special Service Commission Army. These officers are also the chief of a regiment of the Indian Army of other officers.
  • Does the Special Commission Officer come under a Short Service Commission?

        Answer: No, there are few vacancies under the Short Service Commission, but the Special Commission Officer is a permanent commission job.

  • What should be the age limit to become a Special Commission Officer?

Answer: To become a Special Commission Officer, the age of the candidates should be a minimum of 27 years, and a maximum of 28 years.

  • Can Graduate candidates fill out this application form?

Answer:- According to the notification, this application form can fill only by bypassing the candidature of the 12th pass or equivalent examination.

  • Where is the training of officers of special commission officers completed?

Answer: Training of Officers of Special Commission Officers is complete in 8 weeks and 1-year of training at OTA Gaya at ACC Centre.


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