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The Remount Veterinary corps is an administrative and operational branch of the Indian Army and one of the oldest formations. 

It is responsible for the breeding, rearing and training of all animals used in the Indian Army. 

Today, RVC has a well-organised infrastructure in the field of equine and canine breeding, rearing, care, management and disease control training. The corps is the source of specialised dogs, horses and mules to be used in Army, Navy, Air Force, para military forces, Police and CISF. The corps prides itself as the largest breeding and training organisation of equines and canines in the country.

The corps has proved its mettle in training of dogs in the specialised fields as tracking, explosive detection, mine detection, avalanche rescue operation, search and rescue, infantry patrolling and guarding. To check out thefts and pilferage, the Army dogs are being trained in Crude Oil Leakage Detection (COLD).

The corps is actively engaged in conduct of several high-tech applied research projects sponsored by the Government of India, Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Defence Research and Development Organisation, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, JALMA Institute of Leprosy and National Institute of Immunology.

The corps boasts of a Central Military Veterinary Laboratory (CMVL) which is the only laboratory of its kind to undertake applied research in relation to animal diseases, disease diagnosis and nutrition in addition to routine diagnostic work. CMVL has been aptly recognised by the Ministry of Agriculture as a national referral Lab. The laboratory is in the process of upgradation to P4 bio-safety level to handle emerging diseases and pathogens. The corps is responsible for veterinary public health throughout the Army and carries out inspection and certification of food products and items of animal origin. Provisioning of veterinary cover to Army animals deployed in inhospitable terrains is the responsibility of RVC.

The Indian Army only invited qualified male veterinary graduates for the Short Service Commission (SSC) in the Remount Veterinary corps of the Indian Army.  


The RVC officers and PBOR have won a number of medals. These include one Arjuna Award, one Shaurya Chakra, five Sena Medals (Gallantry), two Sena Medals (Distinguished), twelve Ati Vishisht Seva Medals and fifteen Vishisht Seva Medals in addition to one OBE and one MBE to Indian RVC officers during the British rule.

The Corps contributes to the logistic needs of the Armed Forces in the equine and canine fields. The breeding of specialist horses for equestrian sports and training of dogs to meet the emerging security needs has, of late, acquired particular significance.

Role of Remounts and Veterinary Corps

Some of the main functions of Remounts and Veterinary Corps include procurement, rearing, breeding, training of Army dogs for specialised tasks such as guarding and tracking. Prevention, control, treatment of infectious and contagious diseases, inspection of food of animal origin and prevention of zoonotic diseases are other responsibilities of Remounts and Veterinary Corps.

Remounts and Veterinary Corps is one of the major arms of Indian Army. Before the 1914-18 war the Remounts Directorate was responsible for the purchase, rearing and issuing of remounts to the three non-silladar regiments, the British cavalry and other artillery units. It was also responsible for the army transport animals except for their purchase, organisation of the animal resources in the country for war, fitness of the animals so produced for the use of the army, mobilisation of fighting units or of transport, mobilisation of remount units for the field and control and distribution of horses in the units. Some breeding centres were also supervised by the department.


Remount And Veterinary Corps

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Remount Veterinary Corps (RVC) is one of the oldest services of the Indian Army with a glorious history spanning over 242 years and a scintillating presence. The Corps has an enviable track record of relentless service in animal based logistics and operational support to combat teams. The Corps has set soaring benchmarks in highly divergent role which involves breeding, rearing and training of Army animals, their health management, treatment, immunization and also tactically employing them for military purposes.


The stud department was established in Bengal during Dec 1779. The present day RVC evolved out of a Board formed in 1794 by the British for breeding the horses locally to meet their growing demand since the horses were not easily available. It’s since this day the Corps has never looked back and delivered upto the expectations of the Nation. It was an integral part during two world wars as part of the British empire. Post Independence RVC continued its contributions during various conflicts with our hostile neighbours and also in the fight against insurgency and terrorism inflicted from across the border. The Corps has acclaimed achievements during various operations including J&K in 1947, NEFA in 1962, Indo-Pak war of 1965 and 1971 and Kargil conflict of 1999.


“Future Lies in Technical Innovations in Training the Army Animals”




Dec 1779


Stud Department est in Bengal. Regulations for controlled breeding of animals and mounting of Imperial army were adopted.




Presidency Studs established.




Board of superintendence for improvement of cattle formed.




Indian Veterinary Department formed in Indian Civil Service from the Presidency Studs (established 1793).




Stud Dept was bifurcated to form the Horse Breeding Dept and Army Breeding Dept.




Army Remount Department formed at Saharanpur




Army Veterinary Department formed.


14 Dec 1920


Army Veterinary Corps (India) came into existence.14 Dec is now observed as Corps Day.




Army Veterinary Corps (India) re-designated as Indian Army Veterinary Corps.




Indianisation began.


15 Apr 1947


Indian Army Remount and Veterinary Corps formed by amalgamation of the Veterinary Corps and Remount Dept.


Aug 1947


Indian Remount, Veterinary and Farms Corps formed at national partition by division of the assets and personnel of Indian Army Remount and Veterinary Corps and Military Farms Department. Assets and personnel divided in a theoretical 2:1 ratio between the Indian Remount, Veterinary and Farms Corps and the Pakistan Remount, Veterinary and Farms Corps (but most of the studs and hospitals were located in Pakistan).




Indian Remount, Veterinary and Farms Corps renamed as Remount, Veterinary and Farms Corps


May 1960


Remount and Veterinary Corps and Military Farms Department separated as independent corps.


Jun 2007


Creation of Appointment of DG RVS in the rank of Lt Gen with upgradation of existing appointment of Dy DG RVS to Addl DG RVS at IHQ of MoD (Army).


Now here we discuss about Eligibility Criteria- 




  • AGE LIMITATION - 21 to 32 years is the age limit for the candidates. 

BVSc/ BVSc and AH Degree graduates , granted SSC in RVC will be considered for grant of permanent commission, only if they are below 30 years of age on the date of grant of SSC and if they qualify in the departmental permanent commission (PC).

Test within 08 years of service.  They may take two attempts after completion of 02 years of service and before completion of 04 years of services.  They will be eligible to take a third attempt any time during the extended tenure of their service i.e after completion of 05 years of service and before completion of their 05 years of initial contractual service.  

For MVSc and Dectorate Degree holder will be considered for grant of permanent commission only if they are below 32 and 34 years of age respectively on the date of grant SSC and if they qualify in the departmental PC Test within 08 years of service. 




BVSc/BVSc and AH Degree from any of the recognized Indian University or its equivalent foregin degree i.e the candidates must possess recognized veterinary qualifications.  

Applicant or Candidate should be a citizen of India with all the documents authorised by the government of India.  


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How To Join Remount Veterinary Corps Of Indian Army

By Saurabh Sir Last updated Feb 13, 2022


In the Indian Armed Forces, you must have seen that many soldiers serve the country by living with animals or by training the animal, they are ready for the security of the country with their help. But do you know that you can also get appointed for a training post in the Indian Army? Yes, we are going to give you information about one such entry of the Indian Armed Forces, which is a very important and special entry for the Indian Army. We’re talking about the Remount Veterinary Crops entry. In today’s article, we will give you detailed information about Remount Veterinary Corps. Where you will be shared in detail about the selection process of this entry, the eligibility criteria required to fill the application form, etc. Before giving the above information, let us know what is Remount Veterinary Corps in the Indian Armed Forces is and how the selection can be done in it.


What is Remount Veterinary Corps: –

Table of Contents

What is Remount Veterinary Corps: –

The selection process of Remount Veterinary Corps:-

1. Apply Application Form

Required eligibility criteria to fill the application form: –

Documents required in the application form:-

2. Shortlisting application form based on candidate marks

3. SSB Interview

4. Medical and Physical test

5. Final Merit List:-

Frequently Asked Question:-

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The Remount Veterinary Corps in the Indian Armed Forces is a direct entry form. The candidates to be selected by this entry are appointed for the training of animals to be used in the Indian Armed Forces. This entry is conducted annually under the Short Service Commission in the Indian Armed Forces. The officers selected through this application are attached to the Armed Forces as Training Officers. Remount Veterinary Corps is an operational and administrative branch of the Indian Army. It is considered to be one of its oldest structures in the entry. The main task of the Remount Veterinary Corps is to better understand and handle the rearing, breeding, and training of all animals used in the military. Now let us know if you are thinking of filling out the application form for a Remount Veterinary Corps, then what the eligibility criteria are, and what procedures you have to go through.

The selection process of Remount Veterinary Corps:-

Apply Application Form

Shortlisting application form based on candidate marks

SSB Interview

Medical and Physical test

Final Merit List

To join the Indian Armed Forces through the Remount Veterinary Corps, candidates have to go through three selection processes. First of all, candidates have to submit their application forms and these applications are shortlisted by the Recruitment Department of Armed Forces. In the second stage, the candidates of the shortlisted applications are invited by the Service Selection Board for an SSB interview. After clearing the SSB interview candidates are selected for the third stage i.e. Medical Examination and Physical Test. Let us now know how to apply and prepare for the above-mentioned steps to join Remount Veterinary Corps.


  • SHORTLISTING OF APPLICATIONS AND SSB INTERVIEW-  Initial screening and short listing of candidates will be done at Directorate General Remount Veterinary Service , Integrated HQ of MoD (ARMY) before forwarding them to recruiting Directorate, IHQ of MoD (ARMY). 
  • TWO STAGE SELECTION METHOD - On  arrival at the selection centre , the candidates undergo Stage 1 of the two stage testing procedure. Candidates failing in stage 1 will be sent back . 

Qualified candidates will be detailed to undergo in Group Test, Psychological Test and Interview which will extend for 05 days. 

  • MERIT LIST- Quantifying at the SSB interview doesn't confirm final selection. Merit list will be prepared on the basis of marks obtained by the Candidates at SSB. 

Those high in the merit list and who come within the stipulated vacancies and also medically fit are issued joining instructions. 

  • GRANT OF COMMISSION- Candidates will be commissioned on the rank of Captain. 
  • Post Commission training at RVC centre and college , Meerut Cantt. 
  • Promotion up to the rank of Major while in SSC and thereafter , if granted PC, up to Colonel (TS) is time bound. 
  • All officers granted commission would serve the Indian Army for a period of five years from the date of confinement of commission subject to fulfillment of other conditions. 

The period of five years may further be extended for another five years subject to their performance. 


Officers commissioning  in the rank of Captain are entitled to basic pay of Rs.15,600/- 

  • Grade pay of 6,100/- 
  • Military Service Pay 6,000/- 
  • Non- Practice allowance (NPA)@ 25 PERCENT of basic pay. 
  • Additional benefits are also included like free ration for self only , free medical facilities for self and family, LTC, 60 days annual leave and 20 days casual leave, canteen facilities and group insurance cover are also admissible.


Grant of Commission: The candidate will be commissioned in the rank of Captain.

Training: Selected candidates will be detailed on Post commission training at RVC Centre & College, Meerut Cantt.

Ante-date seniority: 12 months/24 months ante-date seniority will be granted to candidates holding post graduate/doctorate degree respectively in any discipline of veterinary science from a recognized university, recognized by VCI in India/abroad, prior to their commissioning in the Remount Veterinary Corps. The candidates must hold MVSc/PhD degree (Valid PDC/Degree certificate) on the date of commissioning for availing ante date seniority.

Suitability for retention of Commission: If an officer is found unsuitable within one year of the grant of commission, his commission may be terminated at any time before the contractual period of service for five years.

Promotion: Promotion up to the rank of Major while in SSC and thereafter, if granted PC, upto Colonel (TS) is time bound.

Tenure of engagement: All officers granted commission would serve the Indian Army for a period of five years from the date of conferment of commission subject to fulfillment of other conditions. The period of five years may further be extended by another five years subject to their performance.


Application on plain paper (21 cm x 36 cm) duly typed as per the format given in the advertisement.

The envelope containing the application should be “Superscribed in Red Ink” indicating clearly “Application for Short Service Commission in RVC”.

Application should be posted by ordinary, registered or speed post to reach at the following address:- Directorate General Remount Veterinary Services (RV-1) QMG’s Branch, Integrated Headquarter. 

Documents Required for Filling Offline Form

Application form must be accompanied with self attested copies of:

Original/Provisional BVSc/BVSc and AH degree along with final mark sheets.

MVSc and PhD degree certificate (as applicable) along with marksheet.

Internship completion certificate.

Matriculation certificate (as proof for date of birth)

Self attested photograph pasted on application.

Two self addressed stamped envelopes.

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