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About Physical Training at MKC

The well-maintained and equipped sports ground is a centre of attraction for the students. To encourage and motivate students, we have designed physical training sessions at our maintained and equipped sports ground where candidates can perform all necessary exercises that are required to meet the physical endurance test at SSB. All these exercises are held in Madan Mohan Malviya Stadium which is the pride of the city. We have a team of experienced trainers who are physically fit, active, and energetic. Our trainers provide excellent physical training along with great motivation.

The students are subjected to long distance races, crawling, push up balancing of body, military planning exercise, snake race, progressive group task, half group task, individual obstacles, command task, leaping and jumping that actually help students to meet the criteria for selection. It pours a healthy competition among them and thus they try to do their utmost.

The main purpose of Major Kalshi Classes is to build physical fitness, confidence, and activeness among youth and help them join defence services with full discipline and dignity. Our Physical Training Sessions focus on developing effective knowledge, courage, and sense of responsibility to each and every student by providing adequate training for facing any competition.

Along with physical training, we also improve the ethical and moral values, seriousness towards a goal, social behaviour, and love and faith in respect of assigned job.

The utility of Physical Training-

  • The MKCianā€™s believe that a healthy body possesses a healthy mind. We have a team of Ex-servicemen who are well experienced with the techniques and methods of various exercises and obstacles. They impart valuable information and judge the development of each and every student.

  • The students are detailed their short fall and they learn how to improve themselves. Physical Training not only strengthens the body of the aspirants but also boosts their confidence. Every student can gauge his gradual development systematically and methodically.

Some Glimpse of Physical Training...


We have no branch in Delhi. Beware of institutions defaming the reputed name of Major Kalshi Classes Private Limited.