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You've come to the right place if you're seeking the best PC(SL) coaching in Ranchi. Yes, in your city of Ranchi, Major Kalshi Classes offers the top coaching for PERMANENT COMMISSION (SPECIAL LIST) PC(SL) ENTRY INDIAN ARMY. Our PC(SL) Guidance for all Defense Exams is the best available. NDA, CDS, AFCAT, CAPF, Indian Coast Guard, TES, TGC, B.Tech Navy Entry, TA, INET, PC(SL), NCC Special Entry, and many other entries require candidates to pass the SSB Interview.

We provide the best in class facilities and a knowledgeable faculty that includes former SSB interviewers and subject matter experts for the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force

To choose applicants who can be trained at several Defense Academies like the IMA, INA, OTA, and AFA to join the Indian Armed Forces as commissioned officers, the Services Selection Board holds the 5-Day SSB Interview.


After being screened by the SSB and Medical Board, JCOs, NCOs, and OR up to 42 years old with a minimum of 10 years of service and a Senior Schools Certificate Pass (Class 10+2 pattern) certification are eligible for commission under this entrance. After successfully completing their four weeks of orientation training at the IMA, they are awarded PC (SL).

There are 252 openings for the PC(SL) course, which is a service entry for Indian Army Jawans. A notification for PC(SL) entry appears yearly in employment newspapers and other top newspapers. Dates and centres for the SSB interviews were announced by Join the Indian Army.


Vacancies – 100 per year

  • Form Availability – April and July
  • Gender – Male
  • Age Limit – Maximum age 40 years, 45 years for Engineers & 45 years for IOB Minimum service 10 years
  • SSB Interview – Sep/October
  • Marital Status – Unmarried / Married Serving JCOs / NCOs excluding Sepoys
  • Training Academy – AEC Centre & College, Pachmarhi & IMA, Dehradun
  • Duration of Training – Eight Weeks at AEC Centre & College, Pachmarhi & Four Weeks at IMA


12th Class of 10+2 pattern or equivalent for record officer and relevant technical degrees for technical stream.


  • Written Test.
  • SSB Interview.

Permanent Commission (Special List) (PC SL) Entry Indian Army.-

 Under this entry, JCOs/ NCOs/ OR up to 42 years of age and minimum 10 years of service, with a Senior Schools Certificate Pass (Class 10+2 pattern) qualification are eligible for commission after screening by SSB and Medical Board. They are granted PC (SL) after the successful completion of four weeks of orientation training at the IMA.

Permanent Commissioned (Special List) Cadre

  • Age: Maximum age 42 years, 45 years for Engineers & 45 years for IOB Minimum service 10 years
  • Education:   12th Class of 10+2 pattern or equivalent for record officer and relevant technical degrees for technical stream
  • Course:   Once a year in July
  • Training:   Eight weeks of communication skill capsule at AEC Centre & College, Pachmarhi followed by four weeks orientation training at IMS, DehraDun.
  • Selection through SSB Interview.

Vacancies Per Course

100 (Once in a Year)

Tentative Month of Publication of Notification

Notified by MP Dte / AGs Br through Units in Apr and Jul

Eligibility Criteria


Maximum age 42 years, 45 years for Engineers & 45 years for IOB Minimum service 10 years


Matric & Above

Marital Status

Unmarried / Married Serving JCOs / NCOs excluding Sepoys

Likely Date of SSB

Sep and Oct for Jul Course

Training Academy

AEC Centre & College, Pachmarhi & IMA, Dehradun

Duration of Training

Eight Weeks at AEC Centre & College, Pachmarhi & Four Weeks at IMA


MKC For  PC(SL)SSB Interview

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Complete 5-Day PC(SL) SSB Interview Procedure - Services Selection Board

The Services Selection Board conducts the Interview for the shortlisting of candidates. The  PC(SL) SSB Interview lasts for 5 days. The basic idea behind conducting the  PC(SL)SSB Interview is to assess 15 Officer Like Qualities - OLQs in the candidates. The process used to determine the Officer Like Qualities is as follows:

  • Mansa (which means thoughts; Psychological tests are conducted for this)
  • Vacha (which means speech; an Interview is conducted for this)
  • Karma (which means deeds or actions; Group testing is done for this)

Let's now examine the 5-Day PC(SL)SSB Interview Process that a candidate must pass in order to become a commissioned officer in the Indian Armed Forces. Depending on the type of entry you plan to apply for, the PC(SL)SSB Interview Process may differ differently. There are 2 steps in the entire PC(SL) SSB interview process, referred to as Stage 1 and Stage 2. Stage 1 of the SSB Interview is comprised of the tasks that must be completed on Day 1, whereas Stage 2 of the PC(SL) SSB Interview is made up of all the tasks that must be completed on Days 2 through 5.

 PC(SL)SSB Interview Selection Process

The  PC(SL)SSB Interview for the ACC Entry exam is held 5 days in a row. Candidates who pass the written exam are invited to the  PC(SL)SSB interview. During these five days, candidates are tested on a variety of parameters.

  • Day 1 (Stage I):
    • Intelligence test
    • Picture perception & Discussion test

Candidates who clear this stage have to appear for Stage II

  • Day 2 (Stage II):
    • Psychological test
    • Group task
    • Personal Interview
  • Day 3: GTO test
  • Day 2-4: Interviews

Day 5: Conference

MKC 14 Day  PC(SL)SSB Training



DAY - 1

Introduction to SSB(5 days SSB Procedure, Officer Like Qualities & PIQ form)

DAY - 2


DAY - 3

Screening test, Mock practice and Feedback

DAY - 4

Introduction to Psychological Test & Thematic Apperception Test

DAY - 5

Word Association Test & SRT (Situation Reaction Test)

DAY - 6

Self Description Test & Complete Psychological Test and Feedback

DAY - 7

OIR, (Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning class)

DAY - 8

Personal Interview Briefing

DAY - 9

Mock Interview & Feedback to Student

DAY - 10

Mock Interview & Feedback to Student

DAY - 11

G.T.O. Briefing, GD and Lecturette

DAY - 12

P.G.T, H.G.T, G.P.E, & G.O.R.

DAY - 13

IO, CT, FGT and Conference

DAY - 14



List Of  PC(SL)SSB Centres

Indian Army  PC(SL)SSB Centres-

  • Selection Centre East Allahabad (Prayagraj): Uttar Pradesh
  • Selection Centre Central Ranchi
  • Selection Centre South Bangalore Karnataka
  • Selection Centre North Kapurthala

Air Force Selection Board (AFSB Centres)

  • 1 AFSB Dehradun: Uttarakhand
  • 2 AFSB Mysore: Karnataka
  • 3 AFSB Gandhi Nagar: Gujarat
  • 4 AFSB Varanasi: Uttar Pradesh

Navy Selection Board

  • NSB Coimbatore: Tamil Nadu
  •  12 SSB at SCS Bangalore: Karnataka
  • 33 SSB at SCC Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh
  • SSB Kolkata
  • Naval Selection Board (NSB) Vizag/Visakhapatnam

Marking Scheme In PC(SL)SSB Interview

Pertaining to the PC(SL)SSB Marking System, each of the three assessors will evaluate the medical test, the group task, and the personal interview for a total of 300 marks (PI). A minimum score of 90 is required from each assessor. The SSB consists of 900 total points. It Is Also Divided Into 4 Parts (Psychology, GTO, Interview, And Conference Round), Giving Each Test Phase 900/4=225 Marks. Out of these 225 marks, you must receive at least 90 in order for either of the assessors to say "Yes," while scoring less than 90 simply results in a "No."

Screening, psychological tests, GTO tasks, and a personal interview are all part of the initial four days of the SSB interview process. In this case, you would need to pass with at least 90*3= 270 marks. For Example -

1) One applicant receives 80 points for the interview, 70 for the GTO, and 75 for the psychological test. The final score is 225 points.

2) A different contender receives a total of 250 out of the necessary 270 marks. Thus, the significance of the conference round is now apparent. If your marks are higher than 240, the conference round will determine whether or not you are recommended.

Complete Marking Scheme for  PC(SL)SSB Interview-

A minimum of 90 points must be obtained from each assessor.  PC(SL)SSB has a total of 900 points. It is then divided into four parts (psychology, GTO, interview, and conference round), with each test phase receiving 900/4=225 marks.



Minimum Marks for Recommendation
















PC(SL)SSB Marking Scheme: Points To Be Noted 

  • The Services Selection Board has backup marks of 225, and they began probing you in the conference round because they thought you were lacking in several areas. 
  • If they deem you fit, they will award you points to raise your cumulative score from the previous 240 to 360 or above (marks As Mentioned Above). 
  • As a result, you receive a minimum passing score of 360 (90X4). Furthermore, you finally get recommended.
  • If an assessor is uncertain about the evaluation of an applicant during the psychology test, he might consult another assessor. The GTO or the IO cannot use the option of getting a second opinion because they must evaluate a candidate's OLQs in real-time.
  • If someone is on the verge of receiving a third assessment but is recommended by two assessors, a review is conducted during a conference. In any event, if a psychologist does not deem someone suitable, they are not at all suggested.
  • All of these aspects of your personality are put together on the day of the conference to determine whether or not the applicant is qualified to serve as an officer in the armed forces.
  • Therefore, developing your thinking is the key to getting high marks. The  PC(SL)SSB's selection procedure is based on methodologies that evaluate candidates in light of the needs of the armed services. As a result, practice diligently and get ready for each SSB phase.

List Of Documents Required For The  PC(SL) SSB Interview

  • Matriculation or Equivalent Certificate for verification of your date of birth. [Certificates issued by the board concerned (CBSE/State Boards/ICSE)/ admit Card/ Mark sheet/ Transfer/ Leaving Certificate etc in which date of birth is reflected are not acceptable proof of date of birth.] 
  • Marks Sheet of Matriculation or equivalent. 
  • Intermediate/ 10+2 pass certificate. 
  • Marks Sheet of Intermediate/10+2 examinations. 2 
  • Graduation Degree/ Provisional Degree showing clearly having passed the degree examination and eligible for award of degree.
  • Mark Sheets of all years/semesters. 
  • NCC ‘C’ Certificate. (Not required for wards of Battle Casualty).
  • One copy of the Online Application is duly signed and affixed with a self-attested photograph. (Applications of candidates serving in the Armed Forces should be duly countersigned by the Commanding Officer). 
  • Self Declaration Certificate (Only One SSB Appearance). Candidates can appear for ONLY one of the SSB interviews, that is, either for SSC (NT) -109 Course (Apr 2019) as a CDSE candidate OR NCC Spl Entry-45 Course (Apr 2019). A declaration to this effect needs to be filled and submitted by the candidates at the time of the SSB interview,
  • No Claim Certificate. 
  • Valid Proof of Identity with photograph - Aadhaar Card/ PAN Card/ Voter ID Card/ Passport. (m) Certificate for Not Having Duplicate Profiles/Registration IDs
  • For Candidates from Universities Following CGPA/ Grades System:- 
    • (i) Conversion Certificate regarding formulae for conversion of CGPA/ Grades into marks as followed by the University. 
    • (ii) Self-Certified Declaration Certificate (Aggregate Percentage) regarding aggregate percentage obtained. 
  • In Case Original Documents are Submitted for Pursuing Higher Studies. Candidates are required to bring a Bonafide cum Custodian Certificate on original letterhead duly signed by the Principal/ Head of the institution where the documents have been submitted. 
  • Candidates Of Final Year/ Semester Of Graduation Degree Course should be able to furnish the proof of passing to the Directorate General of Recruiting by 01 Apr 2019 and produce the graduation degree certificate either before or within 12 weeks of commencement of the Course at the Training Academy. Such candidates are required to bring the following documents:- 
    • (i) Certificate on original letterhead duly signed by the Principal/ Head of the institution 
    • (ii) Self Declaration Certificate (Proof of Passing) regarding submission of Proof of Passing by the Candidate 
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