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About Orientation Session at MKC

The orientation session of the institute has achieved a nation wide acclamation. Where the dormant souls of the students are aroused to accept the challenges they have to face. Through this orientation they are made acquainted with ground realities they are reminded of their vitality and duties to their mother land.

They come to know the call of the time and what their mother land wants them to become. We make them understand that they are the backbone of the nation and make them mentally and physically powerful to cope with the challenges that our great nation may have to face. It is periodically taken by Mr. Saurabh Singh, a nationally renowned motivator who fills the aspirants with such Patriotism that leads them to certain selection as their all psychological fears are expunged and they turn into lion hearted youth ready to accept any challenge.

The utility of Orientation Session-

  • The art of orientation belongs to primitive age when a chieftain would coax his forces to instill in them zeal and vigor to counter the better numbered and better equipped enemies in the battle field. The same has been in vogue even today and orientation session is one of the vital most methods to pour great courage among the warriors so that they may counter the foreign threat remaining indomitable and emerging as conquerors.

  • It is a proven fact that war is never won by arms but with valour and orientation arouses the insipid soul and patriotism among the participants. It helps them to prevail over their psychological fears which are of sheer fantasy world purely imaginative and it is the out come of their negative thinking so the orientation also turns a pessimist into an optimist eliminating all his negative thoughts and leading him to the path of positivity and success.

Some Glimpse of Orientation Session...


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