Best NSG Coaching in India

Best NSG Coaching in India

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Best NSG Coaching in India

National Security Guards are commonly known as NSG Commandos or Black Cats. NSG is a World Class Zero Error Force that deals with anti-terrorists activities in all its manifestation. NSG is specially equipped and trained to deal with specific situations and is, therefore, to be used only in exceptional circumstances to thwart serious acts of terrorism. if you want to join NSG and serve the nation then you must take proper coaching & guidance with experts with one of the best nsg coaching in India

Ethos: The Ethos of the NSG is based on the following aspects:

  • Pursuit of Excellence
  • Lead from the front
  • Zero Error
  • Speed, surprise, stealth, precision and accuracy are its hallmarks.

Following Operation Blue Star, it was established on October 16, 1984, to combat terrorism and safeguard nations against domestic unrest. The National Security Guard Act of 1986, gave it legal status in the Indian Parliament. One of India's seven Central Armed Police Forces.

The mission of the National Security Guard is as follows:

To uphold its slogan, Sarvatra Sarvottam Suraksha, "train, equip, and maintain in readiness a special force capable of promptly and effectively combatting terrorism."

A "Federal Contingency Deployment Force," the NSG is responsible for combating all forms of terrorism in the nation.

As a specialised counterterrorism force, it is not meant to replace "the functions of the State Police Forces or other Para Military Forces" and should only be employed "in extreme instances." However, over time, its function has been broadened to include providing powerful politicians with personal security regardless of the threat they really face.

Below mentioned groups fall under NSG –

  • Special Action Group (SAG)

The National Security Guards' Special Action Group is a specialised response force, and all of its personnel are drawn from the Indian army. They are in charge of carrying out various operations, such as anti-terrorism and anti-hijacking operations.

  • Special Ranger Group (SRG)

The Special Ranger Group is in charge of managing the safety and security of the country's VIPs. The Indian Army State Police Force is where commandos are recruited for this force.

  • Special Composite Group (SCG)

They are stationed mostly in Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Gandhinagar. This group is in charge of managing counter-terrorist operations.

  • National Bomb Data Centre (NBDC)

The National Bomb Data Centre organisation was created in 1988, and as implied by the name, its commandos are tasked with keeping track of and analysing all bombing occurrences that occur throughout the nation. Typically, members of this corps are drawn from the armed forces or the Indian army.

NSG Black Cat Commandos - Selection Process

  • Pre-Selection Training

Under this level, qualified candidates are shortlisted to advance to the following level, and its eligibility requirements include the:

  • Candidates from the Indian army must have 3 years of experience, while candidates from the police force must have 5 years of experience.
  • The age restriction is 35 years or less.
  • There are minimum physical and medical conditions that must be met.
  • Additionally, the candidate must pass a few physical and physiological exams as part of the shortlisting procedure.
  • Qualification Training

Training that lasts for three months is known as qualification training, and advanced training follows after that for nine months. To ensure that candidates can work under pressure, it carries out tests like battling in difficult environments and jumping from heights. The dropout rate for this technique is roughly 80% because it is challenging.

  • Final Advanced Training

The candidate must go through this training for nine months after completing the qualification training. It is regarded as the NSG's toughest training. The following activities are included in the training criteria: surveillance, bomb disposal, unarmed combat, reaction practice, etc.

Candidates who successfully complete both the fundamental and advanced training are chosen for the NSG and given additional training.
The National Security Guard training facility in Manesar, Haryana, is where this training is delivered.

NSG Black Cat Commando Salary

The typical monthly income for an Indian NSG commando is between INR 80,000 and INR 30,000. The average annual compensation for an NSG commando is INR 10 Lakh. The Para Commando salary may change in line with the rank of a police officer or soldier.

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