Although, guns, missiles, drones, loiter munitions, counter-drone technology, communication and optical systems, specialised vehicles, engineering tools, and alternative energy sources have all been proposed as solutions. On September 18, the Indian Army issued an invitation to the country’s defence sector to submit proposals for vital defence supplies. Guns, missiles, drones, anti-drone technology, loiter ammunition, communication […]

While highlighting the need to find solutions to the issues of food, fuel security, and fertilisers, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin met privately on the sidelines of the SCO conference in this city. The conversation will have a positive impact on the Indian Russian Bilateral synthroid online no prescription […]

The Indian Naval Indigenization Plan (INIP) 2015–2030 is designed to upgrade to cutting-edge technology in order to enhance the battle capabilities of the Indian Navy with a robust indigenous technical ecosystem. In the upcoming years, the Indian Navy’s role in contemporary geopolitics will provide more difficulties than before. The “Swavlamban” symposium on SPRINT Challenges, which […]