Women can be recruited in Agnipath Scheme but the percentage is not fixed.

Vice Admiral Ajendra Bahadur Singh, Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief of Western Naval Command, addressed the media and discussed the recently announced Agnipath initiative, allowing women to join the military.

Vice Admiral Singh stated in his lecture that no percentage for women’s entrance into the Armed Forces under the Agnipath plan has been finalised. However, he intimated that a set allotment for women may be conceivable once the plan is functioning. Women’s entrance to the Armed Forces would be entirely dependent on the needs of the army. He recognised that the system has a provision that permits women to be recruited if there is a need.

Earlier, a top navy official praised the Agnipath initiative, calling it a highly appealing option for the nation’s young. He referred to it as “visionary and revolutionary” for the Indian Navy. He stated, citing the Kargil committee findings, that the enlistment of youngsters will raise the profile of the Armed Forces.

Agnipath Scheme 2022:-

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh launched the Agnipath initiative on Tuesday, asking for the recruitment of young people into the Armed Forces. The programme involves six months of training and four years of service. Personnel will be recruited below the officer level (PBOR) in the three Armed Forces, the Army, Air Force, and Navy. Soldiers recruited via the Agnipath paradigm will be referred to as ‘Agniveers.’ They will have a high rank in the military and will wear a distinctive insignia as part of their uniform.

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