PM Urges Industry to Become a Major Weapon Exporter

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi urges the industry to stop depending on imports and focus on exports by achieving standards better than various countries. He said India has reduced its defense import bill by over 21% in the past 4-5 years and is fast moving towards becoming a major weapons exporter, nudging the industry and forces to prepare for all domains of future warfare.

Defense Budget in the Past Eight Years

Modi said that the defense budget in the past eight years has been increased and a large part of it has been earmarked for purchases from the Indian industry. He pointed out that last year, Rs 13,000 crore worth of defense exports were achieved, with 70% of these attributed to the private industry.

Modi urges to have long-term export targets and even put double efforts for the same. Despite disruptions in the global economy, India’s goods and services exports stood at $670 billion and exceeded the $400-billion target for merchandise export alone.

Exports play a vital role in the transformation process of a developing country into a developed nation.

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Indian Navy MR

Defence Minister Shri Rajnath Singh said that the navy spent over 64% of its capital budget on domestic procurement in the previous financial year, which is expected to increase to 70%.

The defense minister also added that it is not a great idea to let soldiers go without weapons. They should be provided with the latest technology equipment that the opponent will not be able to think of.

The Prime Minister was speaking at the inauguration of the new Vanijya Bhawan in New Delhi. He said the Bhawan would significantly benefit people associated with trade, commerce, and the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector.

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It was also discussed that the means of warfare are no longer limited to land, sea, and sky but are also moving towards space, cyberspace, economic and social domains. The national defense is not limited to borders anymore but has a much wider scope.

Most needed is self-reliance in the defense sector in India. It is on the way to becoming a global manufacturing hub.

Agniveer Navy MR

As India is establishing itself on the global stage, there are constant attacks through misinformation, disinformation and false publicity, etc. “They fired mortars, barrel, and rocket artillery. The Russians also opened fire using machine guns and grenade launchers,” he said.

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eeping faith, the forces that are harming India’s interests, whether in the country or abroad, have to be thwarted in their every effort. National defense is no longer limited to borders, but is much broader,” he said.

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