Paschim Lehar Joint Exercise by Indian Army, Navy, Airforce and Indian Coast guard

Paschim Lehar a joint maritime exercise was conducted on 25 Jan 2022 by the Indian Navy off the West Coast. The exercise was conducted over 20 days with the aim of validating Western Naval Command’s operational plans and improving inter-service synergy between the Indian Navy, IAF, Indian Army and Coast Guard.

The IAF set its 30 MKI and Jaguar maritime aircraft, flight refill aircraft and AWAC together with the Sea Detection Airplane of India P8i, Dorniers, IL 38 SD, Unmanned aerial Systems and Mig 29K aircraft. After a long break, many Coast Guard OPVs, FPVs and hovercraft also participated in the Paschim Lehar exercise.

Paschim Lehar Join Exercise provide the best opportunity for all the participant’s forces of India to face realistic condition and operate together. By this Lehar exercise, all defence wings will know how to co-operate with each other during real wartime.

A variety of weapon firings in a realistic tactical scenario, besides validation of operational missions and tasks under varying settings, were undertaken during the exercise. 

Significance of Paschim Lehar Joint Exercise:-

Indian Navy, Indian Airforce, Indian Army, Coast guard play important roles in fighting the enemy during the war, so the coordination between them is very important. This Joint exercise will enable us to coordinate easily and know each other’s way of working.

Various elements of the army, including air defence batteries, were also mobilized for the exercise. After a long hiatus, many coast guard offshore patrol boats, fast patrol boats and hovercraft also participated in Paschim Lehar.

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