NDA Cadet Pratyush Lost His Life At National Defence Academy

Late Mr Pratyush from Bengaluru joined the NDA on February 7, 2022, as part of the 147th course. The next day, February 8, 2022, the cadet collapsed in his room, despite all efforts he could not be revived. This is very sad news for the nation that we lost a officer. As a defence coaching institute, we pay last tribute to the Pratyush.

Parents of the deceased cadet were informed and a report from the accident was launched with the police.

The course of death is being enquired by the senior official of police. The course of death will be disclosed after the post mortem report.

According to information received from Uttamnagar Police Station, which has jurisdiction over the NDA, the 18-year-old cadet, G Pratyush, was from Bengaluru and joined the academy on February 7. On the evening of February 8, the cadet reportedly passed out and collapsed in his bedroom.

He was later pronounced dead. At present, the circumstances that led to his downfall and death have not yet been determined. said Deputy Police Commissioner (Zone 3) Pornima Gaikwad.