Lt Gen GAV Reddy New Head of Defence Intelligence Agency

Lieutenant General GAV Reddy has been appointed as the new head of the Defense Intelligence Agency. General Reddy will succeed Lt. Gen. KJS Dhillon. Lieutenant General KJS Dhillon retired after serving in various strategic positions during his 39-year career in the Indian Army.

The Director-General of the Defense Intelligence Agency is the head of the organization and is one of the most important intelligence consultants for the Minister of Defense and the head of the personnel.

Lieutenant General Reddy attended the Defence Services Staff College in Wellington and also held a number of important managerial and staff positions. A graduate of Officer Training Academy, Chennai, Lt. Gen. Reddy was drafted into the 9th Battalion, Jat Regiment on 8 March. 1986

The DIA is among the central and central authorities for all defence-related intelligence agencies in India, distinguishing them from the other internal and external intelligence agencies of India. The DIA controls the Indian Armed Forces’ technical intelligence services, the Directorate of Signals Intelligence, a tri-service. Agency and the Defense Image Processing and Analysis Center (DIPAC).

The DIA also coordinates the Defense Information Warfare Agency (DIWA), which handles all elements of the information warfare repertoire, including psychological operations, cyber warfare, electronic interception, and soundwave surveillance. Their operations are top secret and they have several achievements to their credit. that remains secret.