India UAE Deal on BARAK-8 Missile Defence System.

According to recent news, UAE may buy the BARAK-8 Missile defence system from India to counter Houthi attacks. Interestingly, the Barak-8 was developed jointly by the Ministry of Defense of Israel and the DRDO and is commissioned with the military of India and Israel.

The Barak-8 has a range of around 70 km and is capable of intercepting aircraft, low-flying cruise and anti-ship missiles and hidden targets. It exists in both sea and land launch configurations.

Why UAE wants BARAK-8?

Rocket and drone attacks on the United Arab Emirates by Houthi rebels over the past two weeks have been seen as a turning point in the region’s geopolitics.

While the attacks represented a significant escalation of the Houthis threat to the Gulf states, the attacks may have prompted the United Arab Emirates to seek help from Israel and India Made BARAK-8.

Before purchasing a South Korean surface-to-air missile system by 2024, UAE needs BARAK-8 missiles in this tense situation. India will make a deal to provide the BARAK-8 Missile as soon as possible for the defence.

This deal is very important from an Indian perspective. Now India is making an impact in the world and selling its defence equipment. Recently India signed a deal with the Philippines for Providing BrahMos.

UAE need this missile for the protection of his country in this war type situation. The United Arab Emirates are not the first country to hide Israeli weapons to deal with Houthi’s threat. Saudi Arabia also purchased this from Israel.

The Indian Air Force already operates the SPYDER system, which can shoot down a variety of threats including aircraft, cruise missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles and even aircraft-dropped bombs.