India Oman to Carry Out 13 Day Military Exercise in Rajasthan

India- Oman Relations

Although, 18 Mechanised Infantry Battalion will represent the Indian Army by exercising troops. Previously, this military exercise was organized in Muscat in March 2019.

Moreover, India and Oman will hold a nearly two-week military exercise from Monday focusing on counter-terrorism cooperation. Exercise “AL NAJAH-IV” will be held at Mahajan battlefields in Rajasthan from 1st to 13th August. A team of 60 members of the Royal Army of Oman arrived at the training ground.

Therefore, the main purpose of conducting the military exercise among different nations is the enhancement of bilateral defense cooperation.

Hence, the Indian Army will be represented at the exercise by soldiers from the 18th Mechanized Infantry Battalion. The previous year of the exercise was held in March 2019 in Muscat.

Fourth Annual India- Oman Joint Military Exercise

“The fourth annual India-Oman joint military exercise ‘AL NAJAH-IV’ between Indian Army and Royal Oman Army contingents is scheduled to be held at the Foreign Training Hub at Mahajan Field Firing Ranges on 1/13,” the Ministry of Defense said in a statement. The scope of the exercise “includes professional interaction, mutual understanding of exercises and procedures, the establishment of joint command and control structures and elimination of terrorist threats.

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This joint exercise in Rajasthan will focus on counter-terrorism operations, peacekeeping operations, regional operations, and various security operations under the United Nations charter apart from organizing joint physical training schedules, tactical drills, techniques, and procedures.

What are Military Exercises?

Although, Military exercises are conducted in different countries. Hence, the agenda behind these exercises is professional interaction, mutual understanding of drills and procedures, elimination of terrorist threats, and the establishment of joint command and control structure.

Therefore, the name of this military exercise is Al Najah- IV started on Monday. Also, the training is taking place on Monday at the Foreign Training Node of Mahajan Field Firing Ranges, Pokharan, Rajasthan.

Oman is one of the strategic partners of India in the Gulf and various other regions.

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Oman India Currency

Although, the currency of Oman is Omani Rial. The current value of 1 OMR is Rs. 205.79. Interest rate differentials, commodity prices, and government credit ratings determine the OMR to INR exchange rates.

Also, various Omani Military personnel regularly subscribe to courses offered by India. On the other hand, the Indian Navy has been deploying mobile training teams in Oman on an annual basis.

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