HAL to Integrate Dornier Aircraft with 12.7mm Gun Pod System

HAL Dornier DO-228 is a light transport aircraft manufactured for the Indian Defence Forces. It is a very versatile means multi-purpose aircraft for India. It can be used for Commuter, Air Taxi, Utility, Corporate, Aircrew Training, Maritime Surveillance, Search & Rescue and for Observation & Communication duties. Recently we can see in the news that the HAL to Integrate Dornier Aircraft with 12.7mm Gun Pod System which makes this Aircraft deadly for the enemy.

After the integration of the 12.7mm Gun pos system in Dornier Aircraft, it will be more advanced and can be operated in any situation. This highly fuel-efficient, rugged, reliable, twin-turboprop aircraft combines well-proven features with advanced technologies in design and production and has been developed specifically to meet the manifold requirement of a variety of roles for various military, para-military and civil operators.

Dornier Aircraft:-

HAL Dornier 228 VIP/Executive Transport offers a range of custom-designed interiors for VIP/Executive comfort along with proven features such as long-range, high speed, low maintenance, robust and reliable structure. Diverse designs and furniture in wood and fabric are combined with a functional bathroom, a kitchen for warm meals and a cloakroom.

  • Patrolling of Exclusive Economic Zone
  • Patrolling land borders/ coastal areas
  • Search & Rescue
  • Pollution detection and control
  • Surveillance of fishery activities

Important features of Do-228 specific to Maritime Surveillance include :-

  • High fuel capacity
  • Ability to operate from short-semi prepared air fields.
  • Four wing hard points with capacity upto 1030 Kgs.
  • Ample cabin space for mounting of sensors.
  • Unobstructed Radar coverage
  • Outstanding performance in flying at low altitude
  • Open architecture for easier upgradation and modifications.