First Woman Pilot Avani Chaturvedi to Fly Sukhoi Fighter Jet in Japan

Sq Leader Avani Chaturvedi to Fly in Japan

Squadron Leader Chaturvedi is a Su-30MKI pilot who will be flying for the Veer Guardian 2023 in Japan. Squadron commander Avani Chaturvedi, the Indian Air Force’s (IAF) first female fighter pilot, will take part in the maiden air exercise Veer Guardian 2023. The exercise is meant to boost India-Japan bilateral air defence cooperation.

Avani Chaturvedi, India’s first female pilot, will fly an Indian Sukhoi fighter jet in aerial wargames in Japan.

This would be the first time that female officers would be representing the country overseas. The female officers have been participating in wargames with foreign contingents visiting India, notably the French Air Force, in which two of the female fighter pilots took part.

Veer Guardian 2023 will take place in Japan from January 16 to January 26 at the Omitama Hyakuri Air Base and its adjacent airspace, as well as the Sayama Iruma Air Base.”Su-30MKIs used by the Indian Air Force are one of the greatest and most lethal platforms loaded with indigenous armament systems,” said Squadron Leader Bhawana Kanth, Avani Chaturvedi’s coursemate and one of the first three female fighter pilots.

“The Su-30MKi is a versatile multirole combat aircraft which can carry out both air-to-ground and air-to-air operations simultaneously. This aircraft is remarkable in that it can do manoeuvres at both high and low speeds. It can also perform very far-range operations and has a lengthy endurance,” Squadron Leader Bhavna Kanth explained. She went on to claim that the aircraft has cutting-edge avionics and can readily integrate and carry out missions with any of the newest armaments.

The country’s first female fighter pilot is slated to join the Indian contingent in aerial wargames with Japan. Avni Chaturvedi, Sukhoi-30MKI Squadron Leader, will depart for Japan shortly to participate in the aerial wargames. This would be the first time a female air warrior has led an Indian fighter squadron on foreign land.

“An IAF contingent will travel tomorrow for Hyakuri Air Base, Japan for the debut Exercise Veer Guardian 2023 to be held alongside Japan Air Self Defence Force from 12 to 26 January 2023. “The Indian Air Force will take part with four Su-30 MKIs, two C-17 Globemasters, and an IL-78 tanker,” the Indian Air Force said today.

Squadron leader Chaturvedi, along with Mohana Jitarwal and Bhawana Kanth, was recruited into the Indian Air Force fighter squadron in June 2016. She became the first Indian woman pilot to fly solo in a MiG-21 aircraft in 2018. She was promoted to Flight Lieutenant the following year.

President Ram Nath Kovind bestowed the Nari Shakti Purashkar to her in March 2020.

“We are really fortunate to have been given the opportunity to pursue our aspirations, as there was no option for women to join the fighters’ squad when we first joined… Once our training was completed, we received word that we would be authorised, so I’d want to thank the Air Force for helping us achieve our goals “At the time, she had stated.