DRDO- Indian Army Successfully Tests QRSAM

Although, Six flight tests of the Quick Reaction Surface to Air Missile (QRSAM) system were successfully completed by the Indian Army and the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) off the coast of Odisha. Hence, the Indian Army conducted flight tests as a part of evaluation testing.

QRSAM Was Tested For Different Ranges

Moreover, to assess the capability of the weapon systems under various scenarios, including long-range, medium-altitude, short range, high altitude manoeuvring target, low radar signature with receding & crossing target, and salvo launch with two missiles fired in rapid succession, flight tests were conducted against high-speed aerial targets simulating various types of threats. Additionally, the system’s performance was assessed in both daytime and nighttime operation conditions.

All mission goals were achieved during these tests, proving that the weapon system had pinpoint precision thanks to cutting-edge guidance and control algorithms that included the warhead chain. Data from a variety of Range equipment, including Telemetry, Radar, and Electro-Optical Tracking Systems (EOTS) placed by ITR, have been used to corroborate the system’s performance. Lastly, Senior officers from the Indian Army and DRDO took part in the launches.

These tests were carried out with the missile’s final deployment configuration, which included all locally built sub-systems, a mobile launcher, a fully automated command and control system, surveillance radars, and multi-function radars. The QRSAM armament system stands out because it has the capacity to fire on pause, search, and track while in motion.

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Therefore, DRDO stands for Defence Research and Development Organisation and QRSAM stands for Quick Reaction Surface to Air Missile. Indian Army has successfully conducted six flight tests of QRSAM as part of evaluation trials by the Indian Army.

The prior mobility tests undertaken have demonstrated this.

Kshatriya Mantri The Indian Army and DRDO have received praise from Shri Rajnath Singh for the successful flight trials. He exuded assurance that the QRSAM armament system will serve the Armed Forces well as a force multiplier.

The system is now prepared for integration into the Indian Army. The Secretary of Defence Research and Development and Chairman of DRDO, also expressed their congratulations to the teams involved in the successful round of trials.

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