Difference Between Indian Air Force Old Uniform vs New Combat Uniform

The first glance at the so-called “digitally camouflaged” uniform for the air force’s ground staff was provided by Air Chief Marshal Vivek Ram Chaudhari. IAF Garud Special Forces members dress in camouflage like soldiers.

The majority of forces in the world have moved to difficult-to-see digital camouflage designs. Instead of the organic patterns that were previously used, the graphics on the battle fatigues are now made up of squares. All types of terrain can be covered by the digital pattern, which makes it simpler for individuals to navigate through deserts, forests, mountains, and towns without being noticed.

The new combat uniform for the Indian Army was created by the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT). On Army Day in January of this year, it was shown. The new uniforms for the IAF may incorporate some of the design’s themes, but they will be tailored to the working environment for IAF ground staff.

The new IAF uniform will feature many colours and tints that are better for the air force’s working environment, an IAF officer told newsonair.com.

The IAF uniform will feature a new pattern in addition to being made of a different (lighter, more breathable) fabric. The personnel will feel more at ease as a result, which will improve their performance. The ergonomic fitting is a feature that aids in the best performance of work by both men and women on ground duty.

Manufacturers can save money by producing a large number of new uniforms at once because they can be used in any environment and during any season.

The IAF is the fourth-largest active Air Force in the world. On this day in 1932, it was established as a support group for the UK Royal Air Force. The air force was renamed the Bharatiya Vayu Sena, which translates to “Indian Air Force,” after India gained its independence.

The new fighting gear is more adaptable, stronger, and lighter. Here is all the information you require regarding its structure and operation.

Airforce New Combat Uniform  V/S Old Uniform

The Indian Air Force debuted its brand-new combat attire on Saturday in honour of its 90th birthday. The IAF provided the following details regarding the features and design of the uniform:

The new outfit is distinctive. It boasts an original, functional modern design.
It was created to help soldiers better blend in with the environment.
It’s simple to wear for extended periods of time because the cloth is stronger and lighter.
This news uniform is so adaptable that it may be used on a variety of locations, including the hilly region of Kashmir and the broad peninsular shore.
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from Rajasthan’s desert dunes to the northeastern woods.