Breaking Barriers Indian Navy All Woman Aircrew Creates History

First All Women Crew in the History

By completing the first all-female maritime reconnaissance and surveillance operation, five Navy women officers make history.

In Porbandar, Gujarat, the INAS 314 is a front-line naval air squadron that uses the cutting-edge Dornier 228 maritime surveillance aircraft. Prior to the sortie, the female officers underwent months of on-the-ground training and thorough mission briefings.

Indian Navy Crew Members

Lt Commander Aanchal Sharma, the mission commander, piloted the aircraft, along with Lt Shivangi, Lt Apurva Gite, Lt Pooja Panda, and Sub Lt Pooja Shekhawat, tactical and sensor officers.

According to Commander Vivek Madhwal, a spokesman for the Indian Navy, “On Wednesday, five officers of the Indian Navy’s INAS 314 based at naval air enclave in Porbandar made history by concluding the first all-women independent maritime reconnaissance and surveillance mission in the North Arabian Sea onboard a Dornier 228 aircraft.”

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However, this first-of-its-kind military flying operation was special and is anticipated to open doors for female aviation officers to take on more responsibility and strive for more difficult jobs, according to the Navy.

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Nari Shakti

Many congratulations to these officers for accomplishing this effectively and motivating millions of women throughout India and the rest of the world to free themselves from any restrictions and realize their aspirations.

It was a quest that truly exemplified “Nari Shakti” in all of its glory.

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