Army Job Aspirants Blocked Railway Tracks, Protest Against Agnipath Scheme

Candidates preparing for positions in the Indian army and other defence forces have begun demonstrations around the country. Aspirants who have been waiting for the defence recruitment process to begin for the past two years are dissatisfied with substantial modifications made to the recruitment method adopted under the Agnipath plan.

Candidates studying for army recruitment examinations have clogged the train track. Demonstrators are calling for the elimination of TOT in army reinstatement and against the Agnipath Scheme. A big number of candidates converged on the railway track and stopped it in protest against the Agnipath Scheme.

Railway tracks were congested in Buxar, while in Muzaffarpur, students blocked the national highway, burned tyres, and chanted chants in opposition to the new programme, which proposes big changes in the employment procedure.

According to ECR chief public relations officer (CPRO) Birendra Kumar, protestors gathered in large numbers at Buxar and Ara stations, where they paralysed train movements on both the UP and Down lines from 8.25am to 12.18pm, while agitators at Nawada on the Bakhtiyarpur – Rajgir – Tilaiya section of Danapur division blocked rail traffic movements from 8.30am, and tracks were later cleared by RPF personnel after 12.