Army Issues Emergency Procurement Tender for 750 Drones for Para SF

The Indian Army is planning to purchase 750 remotely piloted aerial vehicles under fast-track procedures to aid special troops in carrying out special missions behind enemy lines.

According to Indian Army authorities, 750 remotely piloted aerial vehicles would be purchased by the Indian Army using fast-track procedures and the emergency procurement powers given to the Indian Defense Forces by the Indian government.

Drones Needed by Special Forces

The Indian Army explained their needs by stating that the Parachute (Special Forces) battalions are required to carry out special missions behind enemy lines and as a result, should be outfitted with cutting-edge technology.

“The urgent need for operating equipment is justified by the tense situation along the northern frontiers. The RPAV is an effective situational awareness tool that can scan the target region and provide surveillance day and night “they claimed.
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For the purpose of carrying out special missions, the Army needs these RPAVs to deliver a processed 3D scanned image of the target.

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Most Important Features

Before entering the target area, the technology will be used for situational awareness, close-range surveillance, scanning the region, and delivering a processed 3D image of the target, according to the officials.

The Special Forces would be able to carry out pinpoint precision strikes during direct action tasks including raids, the elimination of high-value targets, and the command and control elements including enemy leadership with the help of this force multiplier.

Therefore, they declared, “It is essential for Parachute (Special Forces) Battalions to be outfitted with this cutting-edge speciality technology.

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