All About New Weapon Systems (WS) Branch of Indian Air Force

Find out more information about the Indian Air Force’s Weapons Systems Branch, including its purpose and how to join.

Although, the Indian Air Force (IAF) has been given permission by the government to launch a new branch dubbed the Weapon Systems (WS) branch. Also, this marks a significant turning point for the IAF. The establishment of the WS branch would unite under one organisation everyone involved in ground-based and specialised airborne weapon systems.

Moreover, this branch would include people who operate Surface-to-Surface missiles, Surface-to-Air missiles, remotely piloted aircraft, and weapons systems in twin/multi-crew aircraft. The branch will significantly improve the Indian Air Force’s ability to wage war.

What Is The IAF New Weapon Systems (WS) Branch?

Hence, the WS branch would need to bring all weapon system operators under a unified organisation in order to operate all ground-based and specialised airborne weapon systems. Also, ground-based and specialised airborne weapon system operators will be grouped under one organisation.

Significance Of The New Weapon Systems (WS) Branch

By enhancing the Indian Air Force’s combat readiness, the branch will significantly contribute. This branch would cover people who operate Surface-to-Surface missiles, Surface-to-Air missiles, remotely piloted aircraft, and weapon systems in twin or multi-crew aircraft.

Responsibilities Of Weapon Systems Officer (WSO)

An air flight officer who is directly involved in all air operations and weapon systems of an aircraft is known as a weapon systems officer (WSO; pronounced “wizzo”).

You will work with complex sensor suites and communications technology as a WSOp (ISR) operator to collect tactical and strategic data for military leaders and warfighters. The entire family of RAF ISTAR platforms are utilised for Land (And), Electronic Warfare (EW), and Acoustic (Aco) ISR duties in order to defend the nation against maritime threats, and manage airspace, among other tasks. By providing battlespace with real-time intelligence, linguists (Lg) defend India and her allies by translating and analysing foreign radio transmissions.

Weapon Systems Operators (ISR) are in charge of gathering tactical and strategic intelligence for the warfighter and military leaders using sophisticated sensor suites and communications technology. You can find out more about the position in the video up top.

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IAF Chief Speech At IAF Day 2022

Although, I have the honour of announcing that the Government has approved the establishment of a Weapon System Branch. The WS branch is approved for IAF Officers on this momentous occasion. After independence, a new operational branch has never been established. Hence, this will primarily be for staffing four specialised streams, including operators of weapon systems in twin and multi-crew aircraft, Surface Surface missiles, Surface to Air missiles, and remotely piloted aircraft. Also, the establishment of this facility would save the company more than Rs 3400 crores by lowering the cost of flying instruction.

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