Union Public Service Commission or UPSC releases notifications for National Defence Academy (NDA) and Naval Academy Examination (NAE) in the month of January and July every year for its candidates. To clear the exam and get selection in NDA SSB Interview, candidates should be 12th pass and must be aged between 16 ½ to 19 ½. Only unmarried males are eligible for this post. Candidates selected for National Defence Academy will undergo 4 years Educational & Military Training (3 Years at NDA & 1 Year at IMA/AFA/NA).

On the other hand, candidates selected for Naval Academy Examination will undergo 4 years B. Tech course. They would be provided with an opportunity to join executive and technical branches of the Indian Navy depending on the availability of vacancies.

The exam will consist of 2 subjects, i.e. Maths and General Ability Test. The time limit for each subject is 2 ½ Hours. The maximum number of marks is 300 for Maths and 600 is for General Ability. Moreover, all the papers of all the subjects will have objective type questions only. The question papers of Mathematics & Part B of General Ability Test will be set bilingually in English and Hindi.

Once candidates qualify the exam, they will be called for NDA SSB Interview that is conducted by SSB (Service Selection Board) of Indian Army, Navy and by Air Force Selection Boards. Candidates will be selected by SSB boards the posts of commissioned officers in Indian Armed Forces through NDA SSB Interview. Thus, if you want to become an officer in Indian Army, Air Force or Navy, you must crack NDA SSB exam and NDA SSB Interview. SSB interview is conducted for five days in order to test the qualities in selected candidates.

ATTENTION:   SSB, 2021 SCHEDULE ; 14 Days Comprehensive Course starts on every Monday.


  • The Major Kalshi Classes Pvt. Ltd. offers coaching for SSB Interview as well as written exam for the UPSC NDA & NA examinations. The Officers at Major Kalshi Classes Pvt. Ltd are highly qualified and vastly experienced in successfully coaching students for SSB Interview.
  • The standards of excellence followed by Major Kalshi Classes ensure that each student who opts for coaching with us feels confident, focused and determined for SSB/AFSB/NSB.
  • The team of Ex-SSB Interviewing officers from Indian Armed Forces present in the campus possess vast experience of assessing candidates in the selection system. We believe that proper preparation requires healthy and competitive environment.
  • MKC provides SSB oriented atmosphere along with the 100% look alike state of the art GTO ground. The selection rate at MKC is highest in India and it is a fact that every tenth officer in the Indian Armed Forces has been a student of MKC

SSB Details

  • Forms- January & June
  • Exam-April & September
  • Age Limit 16 ½ to 19 ½ yrs
  • SSB (NDA –I) – August/ September/October
  • SSB (NDA –II) – January/ February/March
  • 12th passed or appearing in any stream (Like – Science & Art)
  • Written Examination
  • SSB Interview


NOTE – 14 Days , 108 hrs, Intensive course starts on every Monday of the every month . student should report for admission one day before starting date.

If you are late , please call us for admission – 9696330033 or Visit our Website – www.majorkalshiclasses.com and take online admission.

The  SSB Interview class terms starts at 9:00 am to 5 pm. On every 12 days & Sunday special 10:00  to 4:00 pm.

DAY- 1 Introduction to SSB
(5 days SSB Procedure , Officer Like Qualities & PIQ form)
DAY- 2 Screening
DAY-3 Screening test, Mock practice and Feedback 
DAY-4 Introduction to Psychological Test & Thematic Apperception Test 
DAY-5 Word Association Test & SRT (Situation Reaction Test)
DAY-6 Self  Description Test & Complete Psychological Test
DAY-7 OIR , (Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning class)
DAY-8 Personal Interview Briefing 
DAY-9 Mock Interview & Feedback to Student
DAY-10 Mock Interview & Feedback to Student
DAY-11 G.T.O. Briefing , GD and Lectureate 
DAY-12 P.G.T,  H.G.T,  G.P.E, & G.O.R.  
DAY-13 IO, CT, FGT and Conference

  • MOTIVATIONAL VIDEOS & MOTIVATIONAL SPEECH BY – Retired Officer & Academic Director ++

5 Days NDA SSB Interview Selection Procedure

Day 1

The stage-I has been divided into two different parts, including

Intelligence Test: It is a simple test which is designed to judge logic or analytical aptitude of candidates. Based on their knowledge, intelligence rating ranging from I to V is awarded to candidates. The result is based on the total number of correct answers provided by the candidates.

Picture Perception and Discussion Test: In this test, a picture will be shown to candidates on the screen on which they will be required to perceive correctly. Based on the number of characters in the picture, their age, their mood, and so on, candidates have to write a story. Your perception should be correct. Here, your knowledge, expression, clarity of language (grammatical and logical), and confidence – everything will be considered in this round.

Result passing of stage-I Test: It is a combination of intelligence rating, language, gesture, and overall performance in discussion and complete task. Candidates who qualify this round will be moved to stage-II.

Day 2

Stage-II Psychological Test

This test includes three different techniques, including psychological tests, group tasks, and personal interview.

Psychological Test: In this round, the psychologist will assess your personality through the inputs that you have given in your answer sheets. This test is all about your mind. Your answers should look like natural response and not preconceived. Here, you will also have to complete all the SRTs, 60 TATs, and the 60 WATs. Various types of books are available that will prepare you for these tasks.

Day 3

Stage-II GTO Test:

This round is designed to interact with candidates. Each and every action of candidates will be observed here. Be it your body language, mind, or physical and mental qualifies, you should focus on every activity and action. Here, you will have to be confident and cheerful.

Day 2-4

Stage-II Interview:

This round is all about to test your heart and conducted by the senior and experienced officer of the armed forces. Here, he could ask about your interests in life, your achievements, your feelings for your parents, friends, teachers, and society, and so on. Do not try to hide anything. Just be honest and confident and you will clear this round.

Day 5:

Stage-II Conference:

During the final round, the assessments are discussed along with the candidate’s weak qualities as well as plus points. All the candidates will be analyzed in order to see whether they have qualities to be trained to become an officer. Here, candidates with higher intelligence rating will get additional credit.

SSB Test Center

All three tests are conducted independently-

Services SSB Center Location Name of SSB Center
  Allahabad, (Uttar Pradesh) Selection Centre East (SCE) 11 SSB,14 SSB,18 SSB,19 SSB,34 SSB
  Bhopal, (Madhya Pradesh) Selection Centre Central (SCC) 20 SSB,21 SSB,22 SSB
  Bangalore, (Karnataka) Selection Centre South (SCS) 17 SSB,24 SSB
  Ropar, Punjab (proposed) Selection Centre North (SCN)
  Bhopal, (Madhya Pradesh) 33 SSB, SCC
  Bangalore, (Karnataka) 12 SSB, SCS
  Coimbatore, (Tamilnadu) Naval Selection Board (NSB), Agrani
  Visakhapatnam, (Andhra Pradesh) NSB Visakhapatnam
Air Force
  Dehradun, (Uttarakhand) 1 AFSB
  Mysore, (Karnataka) 2 AFSB
  Gandhinagar, (Gujrat) 3 AFSB
  Varanasi, (Uttar Pradesh) 4 AFSB

Things To Carry In SSB

  • The Call Letter: The Candidate must keep at least three copies of the call-up letter. One should be in the hand at the time of the reporting at the railway station and the rest should be safe with the candidate.
  • Copy of the filled form: In some cases like TES &TGC, the Selection Boards sometimes asks for a copy or two of the online form filled with an attested photograph. Also, the candidate must be really careful in reading the instructions when filling the online application form.
  • Original Identity Proof: School/College ID cards, Government issued ID cards like PAN, AADHAR, VOTER ID, UPSC ADMIT CARD, DRIVING LICENSE are all acceptable. The candidate has to remember that their ID card must have a photo in it.
  • Educational Certificates: The candidate must have at least 4 attested copies and originals of Class 10th mark sheet + Certificate (matriculation certificate), Class 12th mark sheet + Certificate, the mark sheets of semesters they have passed during graduation and Graduation/Post Graduation degree certificate (if applicable).
  • Extra Achievements: The candidate must also carry all the original certificates along with their authenticated copies of NCC, Sports and Co-Curricular activities in which they have participated/won.
  • Photograph: The candidate should carry at least 25 passports sized and 10 stamps sized recent photographs with them. People wearing spectacles must be wearing spectacles in their photograph. The photographs should be in either blue/white background.
  • Clothing: Three pairs of formal clothes (blazer/tie are optional) with complementing shoes, Two pairs of white shorts and T-shirts (with collar) for men and two pairs of white lower pants and T-shirts (with collar) for women. The candidate must also carry a pair of White PT/Sports shoes along with 3 pairs of white socks.
  • Other Clothing: The candidate can also bring woollen clothing with them if the weather demands. Apart from this, they should not forget civil clothing like night dress, casuals, undergarments, towels etc.
  • Miscellaneous Items: Grooming kit, slippers, bathing kit, lock and key and other items of general use should be carried. The candidate can also carry few essential medicines with them if required.
  • Uniform: A set of uniform (according to the season) and a combat dress is also required for the personnel serving in the Army/Navy/Air Force/Coast Guard.
  • Adequate Writing Material: The candidate must have at least 4 set of ball/gel point pens (black and blue) plus a writing pad for the interview process. A rough notebook/ plain white pages can also be taken along.
  • Final Check: It is important to tally up the items with that of the items mentioned in the call up letter.
  • Don’t Panic: In any case if the candidate has forgotten any of the above mentioned things, they must inform it to the authorities present in the Selection Centre. However, people at the SSBs are always happy to help. So, no need to get frantic if they forget to carry a pair of socks!!


  • It is advised that the candidate should carry all the above-mentioned certificates in originals along with their attested photocopies (at least 4). In case, the originals are with the candidate’s college/organization, they must produce a custodian certificate from the competent authorities clearly stating that they have their original certificates.
  • Kindly AVOID carrying any valuable items such as Laptops, Expensive phones, Jewelleries (of any kind). Also keep the cash to the MINIMUM. It is better to carry an ATM rather than having too much cash stashed in the wallet. Don’t forget to keep the original journey ticket(s) safe in case the candidate is appearing for the SSB for the first time.

All kinds of doubts and queries are welcome at www.majorkalshiclasses.com


A handful of reasons as to why aspirants should join us for the preparation of NDA/SSB –

  • We are India’s Oldest and Largest Armed Forces Preparatory Institute. Established in 2008 by Mr. Saurabh Singh & Smt. Rekha Singh, Major Kalshi Classes Pvt. Ltd. has over 10 years of experience in successfully coaching candidates to be commissioned into the Indian Armed Forces.
  • It is a common fact now that every 21st officer in the Indian Armed forces has been a student of Major Kalshi Classes Pvt. Ltd.
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  • Faculty: The highly qualified, experienced and updated faculty for NDA/SSB administer students with the proper amount of knowledge and the right guidance to get best possible results in the exam. Students are taught alongside with permanent faculty member’s not part-time officers (working on per class basis) as in many other institutes.
  • Physical Fitness: We conduct physical training every Sunday till dawn on Madan Mohan Malviya Stadium (MMM), Allahabad under the guidance of well trained physicals experts offering a fully equipped Football ground, Basketball court, Volley ball court, Cricket field and Badminton court along with a fully scaled and a dedicated Obstacle course to encourage physical fitness among candidates as maintaining endurance and stamina is the key to clear SSB interviews.
  • GTO and Physical Training: The GTO ground at Major Kalshi Classes Pvt. Ltd. is pertinently located in the lap of “Triveni Sangam” (Fafamau Allahabad). In a sprawling one acres Training Ground, a total of two PGTs, two HGTs, ten Command Tasks, Final Group Task, ten Individual Obstacles and all six obstacle courses of snake race built to 100% specifications are available here.
  • Medical Check-up Camp: We organise medical check-up on regular interval for students where they can undergo for various Tests by skilled & highly acclaimed doctors.
  • Screening & Psychology: We provide high quality, personalized care to all students, while also providing consultation to them regarding mental health concerns.
  • SSB Interview- SSB Interview Course at Major Kalshi Classes is a tight scheduled course which provides rigorous practice for multiple tests conducted in all the 5 days of SSB Interview. It is perfect amalgamation for students opting for both 6 Month Written Exam Course and SSB Interview Course.
  • Sports Meet- Major Kalshi Classes organizes annual sports meet to energize enthusiasm and develop competitive spirit among the students.
  • Fully equipped library: We offers the facility of a fully equipped library offering 1000+ relevant and important books pertaining to the syllabus of the examination and competitive exam preparation. Students can issue these books for self study, revision, practice etc.
  • Study Room/Reading Room: On campus study/reading rooms are available to provide students with quiet and peaceful environment, perfect for self study and preparations. These rooms are open daily till late hours.
  • Motivational lectures and movies: Major Kalshi classes Pvt. Ltd. specializes in motivating the youth towards serving our great nation. Students interact with candidates from all over the country working towards a common goal. Motivational lectures and movies are shown to inspire students to do something for their country and become better human beings.
  • Hostel: MKC is concerned about the accommodation problem of the outstation candidates. Keeping in view this fact we extend lodging and boarding facility to the candidates at reasonable rates. These hostel rooms are well furnished with all basic amenities.