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In Navy MR (Sailors for Matric Recruit) i.e Chef, Steward, Sanitary Hygienist you will be required to serve as per your post like to prepare a food as per the menu, accounting of ration. 

You will also be required  to serve food in the Officers mess, as a waiter , housekeeping, accounting of funds, wine and stores. 

You will also be required to maintain hygiene in washrooms and other areas.

 Interested Candidates must go through full details of Indian Navy MR recruitment.

The candidates will have to make sure that they are fulfill the recruitment guidelines which are illustrated below- 


  • NATIONALITY- Candidate should be citizen of India, subject of Nepal and Bhutan 
  • AGE CRITERIA- Candidate should be born between 1 Dec 1999 to 31 May 2005.

Candidates should have passed their Matriculation level 10th pass examination with a recognised board of India. 

  • There us no minimum experience required for this recruitment 
  • There is no limitation on the number of attempts specified by the authorities of the Indian Navy till the candidates fulfill and qualify the eligibility criteria mentioned in the guidelines. 



  • Vision of eyes are without glasses should be 6/6 and with glasses 6/6 
  • Minimum height will be 157 cm 
  • Weight should be according to height and age 
  •  Minimum Chest expansion will be 5 cm 
  • Candidates should be mentally as well as physically fit. 
  • Final medical enrollment of the candidate will happen at INS Chilka 
  • Candidates should clear their ear wax and also have tartar removed from their teeth prior for the medical examination. 


Vacancies of 300 posts and applications will be applied by the candidate on online mode.

Multiple choice questions will be framed in a question paper with a duration of 30 minutes and the total number of questions in the question paper is 50 .

Question paper language is bilingual i.e English and Hindi and +1 for the correct answers and -0.25 for each wrong answer. 

Navy MR (Matric Recruitment)  Syllabus Science 

  • Nature of matter 
  • Force and gravitation
  • Newton’s laws of motion
  • Work energy, and power
  • Measurement in science 
  • Sound and wave motion
  • Atomic Structure 
  • Heat and temperature 
  • Metals and Non- metals
  • Carbon and its compounds
  • Universe (planets/ Satellite,Sun Earth)
  • Electricity and its Application

Indian Navy MR (Matric Recruitment) Syllabus General Awareness

  • Geography - Rivers, Ports, Inland, mountains - Harbors, Soil,
  • History,Awards, and Authors, Wars, and Neighbors ,defense  discoveries, Diseases, and Nutrition.
  • Sports Championships, winner, Terms, Number of Players in different sports.
  • Current Affairs, Capitals, and Currencies, Languages, Common Names, Full Forms, and Abbreviations.
  • Eminent Personalities, National Bird, Anthem, Animal, Flowers,


Indian Navy MR (Matric Recruitment) Syllabus Mathematics

  • Mathematical simplification 
  • Ratio and proportion
  • Simple mensuration
  • Geometry
  • Measures of central tendency (Median average,and mode)
  • Algebraic identities 
  • Simultaneous equations
  • Interest 
  • Profit and loss 
  • Percentage 
  • Work and time 
  • Speed and distance 
  • Linear equations
  • Polynomials
  • Basic trigonometry


Indian Navy conducts the examination for recruitment of matric Recruits (MR) 
Online Applications have been invited from unmarried males and the selection of candidates will be based on computer based examination. 



  • Computer based test 
  • Physical fitness test 
  • Medical Examination 


For applying you have to visit the official website of the Indian Navy i.e .


Indian Navy MR (Matric Recruitment) Salary-Allowances 

As per provisions and decided percentage of basic pay. MR (Matric Recruitment) is paid certain allowances that are largely intended to cover living costs and maintain the standard of life. In forces, men are also rewarded for their service in hard areas. Following are the allowance attached with the indian Navy MR (Matric Recruitment) Salary , House Rent allowance, City compensatory allowance,travel allowance, Military Service pay, etc

Indian Navy MR(Matric Recruitment) Salary-Perks and other Benefits 

day -to day regular expenditure, medical expenditure, and likes are well covered in the forces. MR (Matric Recruitment) will be eligible for the following types of additional benefits.

  • Medical Reimbursements,All the medical expenses of MR (Matric Recruitment) recruits are covered by the Navy. The Navy also provides access to naval hospitals and medical facilities.
  •  Furniture allowance. Not just housing but the furniture of the house, basic decorations are covered by Navy
  • Other Reimbursements, Recruits are eligible for the available benefits of naval canteens and other facilities. The Navy from time to time provides renovation funds and maintenance of the lining areas.The children of such posts can provide themselves with support during their studies and higher education.

Indian Navy MR  (Matric Recruitment) Salary-in Hand Salary

In-hand salary is based on basic salary, it is the net amount one would receive after adding various allowances like dearness allowance, house rent allowance, etc,and subtracting various deductions like person and other coverage. As per our analysis,, the basic salary of Indian Navy MR (Matric Recruitment) is Rs 21,800 per month and he In-hand salary is around Rs 32,000 to 35,000

Indian Navy MR (Matric Recruitment) Salary-Payscale

This is level 3 job within the navy, after completion of the training period MR is eligible for the basic pay of Rs 21,800 while recruits under training are paid a monthly stipend or Rs 14,000.

Indian Navy MR  (Matric Recruitment) Growth and Promotion

Because the Navy MR  (Matric Recruitment) is a government job with many benefits and perks, career advancement is phenomenal. Promotion opportunities are available up to the rank of Master chief Petty officer i, which corresponds to Defense pay Matric Level 08 (INR 47,600 - INR 1,51,000) and an MSP of INR 5,200 per month. Additionally, there are opportunities for advancement to the rank of commissioned officer for individuals who perform well, pass the required exams and pass the services selection board. If they continue to rise, they might be given the title of Master Chief Petty Officer.


You may undergo various professional courses as per service requirement and certificates of equivalent qualifications from various Universities are being awarded on successful completion of courses. You will get Graduation Equivalent Certificate on retirement after completion of 15 years of service.


Work Environment of these branches beside their professional  work as Small Arms handling and trained for ship’s landing and boarding parties also. They are involved in all the activities which are conducted by a ship.

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