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About Mock Test at MKC

This is the only organization that holds mock test on national level before every exam, Pertaining to defence, career in Army/Navy/AF. The mock tests are held strictly as per the pattern of exam Question paper is devised in such a way as to cater maximum number of vital questions that have strong probability to appear in the final exam. These exams are held on all India basis. .

Now it can be taken online any time, any where, throughout the country. Where the students, may have a live experience of on line tests, as most of the students from rural world don’t know how to take on line test. It is held besides the routine monthly tests that enables them cover all parts methodically and systematically

The utility Of Mock Test-

  • Mock Test held by Major Kalshi Classes Pvt. Ltd. Serves as an eye opener for the aspirants of Defence jobs. Their ever remains a great doubt in the mind of the participants about their preparation. Most of the students don’t know what their going to face MKC provides them the best platform to step into a Defence career. Most of the student don’t know about time management and how to schedule it so as to attempt almost all the questions accurately. The Mock test is a boon for the participants they learn how answer maximum question in minimum possible time. It also helps them overcome examnofobia.

  • It helps them defeat their nervousness and fills them with encouragement. Over and above all, they come to know the pattern of the questions. Our test series are so devised that it touches almost all the topics and their important questions that are sure to take place in the question paper. Having taken the online test series the students can become skilled enough to take exam on computer and can avoid vital errors. Hence M.K.C Mock Test is the best launching pad to counter the litmus test of the real exam.

Some Glimpse of Mock Test...


We have no branch in Delhi. Beware of institutions defaming the reputed name of Major Kalshi Classes Private Limited.