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Every soldier has a dream to earn stars and become a commissioned officer in the Indian Armed Forces. Many defence aspirants join Indian Navy as Seaman as they are not eligible to apply for Officer level entries. However  Indian Navy offers opportunities to such soldiers to showcase their Officer Like Qualities and earn the stars. The Indian Navy released the HET (Higher Education Test) for Non-commissioned soldiers to become a permanent commissioned officer in  the Indian Navy.

Every year, HET (Higher Education Test) Entry is released in April and May. Many Aspirants have a desire to earn stars on his/her shoulders and become commissioned officers in the Indian Armed Forces. Many defence aspirants want to join the Indian Navy. and many many of them want to join Indian Navy as seaman as they are not eligible to apply for officer - level entries in their some circumstances.However. Indian Navy offers opportunities to such aspirants and soldiers to show their officer like qualities and earn stars on their shoulders. Indian Navy out the HET (Higher Education Test) for non-commissioned soldiers to  become a permanent commissioned officer in Indian Navy

Every year, HET (Higher Education Test) Entry is released in a particular month and date you need to apply through  the offline Application form unders your commanding officer Indian Navy gave an opportunity to their non - commissioned  Soldiers to make their dreams come true because.

Here now, we discuss about the eligibility criteria in detail form is given below-:

Indian Navy sailors who wanted to apply for the HET (Higher Education Test) should not have red ink entry throughout their entire service.

A soldier can apply for HET (Higher Education Test) entry after a minimum seven years of service.

A Sailor who is applying  for (Higher Education Test) HET should have a record of very good throughout his service .

A soldier should have the rank of leading seaman.

HET i.e (Higher Education Test) Selection Processes guideline issued by the Indian Navy is given below -:

Graduate candidates who wanted to serve in HET (Higher Education Test) with their Mathematics Backgrounds are directly called  or directly eligible for SSB i.e Service Selection Board interview review where other graduate candidates must pass the HET (Higher Education Test) esam to attend the SSB i.e Service Selection Board and become an officer in the Indian Navy As per as their  instructions-:


HET  (Higher Education Test) in the Indian Navy i.e Computer  Based exam (CBE)is of two hours .

HET  (Higher Education Test) in the Indian Navy is conducted online with objective type questions.

Indian Navy HET (Higher Education Test) exam is conducted at  command level. 

HET (Higher Education Test) in the Indian Navy exam is conducted or framed by the education officer of the Indian Navy.

Syllabus of HET (Higher Education Test) is Mathematics , Physics, Chemistry , English, and General knowledge.


Soldiers who qualify the HET (Higher Education Test) written exam undergoes for the next process i.e the PSB which is known as Preliminary Selection Board , a personal interview is conducted to screen the candidates for SSB i.e Service Selection Board phases then the candidates is called for their SSB Service Selection Board interview.


The SSB (Service Selection Board) interview spans for 5 days during which various tests are conducted or framed to test the qualities and personality of the aspirants SSB (Service Selection Board) interview has a unique pattern and procedure where in the tests are framed in a manner so as to reflect the actual personality and psychology of the candidate.

There are certain established qualities in the Indian Armed forces called the Officer Like Qualities (OLQ) which are usually looked for in a aspirant during this interview so the five day procedure is an attempt by the Selection board to observe the candidates and scrutinize their every quality to sea if they have the required (OLQ) i.e is Officers Like Quality .

The entire procedure as followed on different days is as follows in details is given below-:

SSB (Service Selection Board) interview

Day - 1 On the very First day, the screening  test is conducted consisting of  an OIR (Officers Intelligence Rating) test and PPDT (Picture Perception and Description Test) in the OIR Test , Candidates are given a set of  50 Questions based on quantitative Aptitude and verbal and Non- verbal reasoning.The time given to solve these question will be 30 minutes. After that in PPDT (Picture Perception and Description Test )  . The candidates who do ot perform well are sent back on the first day.

Day - 2 After the first day, the candidate is called for psychological testing on the second day of SSB (Service Selection Board) interview.

TAT (Thematic Apperception Test ) - In this test , the candidates are shown II hazy / blur pictures on the write a positive story. The 12th picture will be blank and the candidate needs to write a self- description.

WAT (Word Association Test) - This test determines a candidate’s psychology 60 words shown on a projector and candidates have to associate these words with some positive events.

SRT (Situation Reaction Test) - in this 10 minutes will be given to the candidate for answering these questions. 60 questions are given and candidates have to write 2 - 3 sentences in each situation.

 Day 3 and 4 in SSB - On the third and fourth day the GTO tasks are done to determine the suitable candidate GTO (Group Testing  Officer) is the most powerful person in the SSB (Service Selection Board) interview because he will spend two days testing the abilities of candidates.

GTO (Group Testing Officers) divided into following tasks-: 

(GD) Group Discussion 

(GPE) Group Planning Exercise 

(PGT) Progresive Group Task 

(GOR) Group Obstacle Race 

(HGT) Half Group Task 

Day - 5 D - day of the SSB interview On this day the candidate is called for the conference for verification by the panel and after this the result is announced.

A personal interview round is also organized on any day between second to the fourth day. The interview officers are a dop senior officer like Colonel or Brigadier.

Personal Interview is an integral part  of SSB interview process in which he details in PIQ i.e Personal Information Questionnaire so they need to be correct and genuine.

In the navy HET (Higher Education Test) for written examination undergoes the Preliminary Selection Board is also known as (PSB) The PSB full details are described below -:

My purpose in contributing to this article is to help out other aspirants who are going to appear for PSB in the future. While preparing for my own PSB, - I  searched a lot for information on the world wide web but it was scattered and varied from place to place.

Documents Verification 

This is as important as all other rounds in my belief . Isaw deserving candidates having to return without even entering the exam hall just because they forgot to bring one single document. Collect all  the needed documents and get them attested as soon as you get your admit card . Don’t wait till the last day.Our verification process began at 8 AM sharp, as was mentioned in the admit card.

Written round or OIR (Officer Intelligence Rating) Test it 

Consists of basic mental ability and aptitude questions . An hour of daily practice for one month is enough to clear it. Popular Master Guide for  ICG -Assistant Commandant’ by R Gupta is a good book for practice. 

 PPDT (Picture Perception and Description Test) 

This test is all about how you perceive a situation and how you express it. We were divided into two groups, one comprising 16 girls and the other of 17 boys. Then we were taken to a small auditorium and made to sit in increasing order of chest numbers.

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