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Major Kalshi Classes is best for the SSB preparation for Defence examination, Join MKC for the complete preparation of SSB Interview 2022.

Best SSB Coaching in Patna

SSB i.e. Short Selection Board is the interview process after the examination of the Indian Armed Forces.SSB interview is not a simple interview. To pass this interview, students from all over the country prepare for years by enrolling in different types of coaching institutes. Similarly, for the preparation for the SSB interview, thousands of candidates residing in the Patna region take admission to SSB Coaching in Patna for their exam preparation and interview preparation. By joining the coaching institute, candidates can get all the information about the preparation for SSB interviews by joining online and offline through MKC Prayagraj.

In this article, we are going to give you information about the SSB interview as well as provide information about the best coaching institute for Patna students for exam preparation. Below we are sharing with you all types of activities to be conducted in SSB interviews according to their day.

Information about SSB interview:-

As you already know that after preparing for NDA/CDS/AFCAT etc., the candidate who clears the written exam is called for the next stage SSB interview. In the SSB interview, the candidate has to do various activities consisting of physical and medical tests, and written examinations for 5 to 6 days at the SSB center of the Indian Armed Forces. Let us know which tasks you have to complete each day of the SSB interview.

  1. Day 0:- Reporting Day (PIQ Form Filling)
  2. Day 1:- Screening Test (Picture Perception and Discussion Test (PPDT) etc.
  3. Day 2:- Physiological Test
  1. Thematic Appreciation Test (TAT)
  2. Word Association Test (WAT)
  3. Situation Reaction Test etc.
  1. Day 3 and 4:- GTO Task
  1. Group discussion
  2. Group Planning Exercise (sometimes known as Military Planning Exercise)
  3. Progressive Group Tasks
  4. Half Group Tasks
  5. Individual Obstacles
  6. Group Obstacles Race or Snake Race
  7. Command Task
  8. Lecturette
  9. Final Group Task
  1. Day 5:- Personal Interview and Merit list announcement

All the tasks mentioned by us are done at SSB centers but the given task and day may change. Candidates should note that none of the tasks conducted by NDA/CDS are for only one department. Rather, NDA/CDS also prepares candidates for the Indian Army, Air Force, and Navy. All SSB’s interview activities are prepared by SSB Coaching Patna at the offline and online portal.

  • SSB interview best books by MKC:-
  • How to crack SSB Interview
  • Group Discussion and lecturette
  • Officer Intelligent rating (OIR) test
  • SSB Work Book

All the books given above are available to you on the official website of Major Kalshi Classes. You can order these books sitting at home by visiting the MKC Learning Application or the official website of MKC. For any kind of information and preparation related to SSB, you should contact MKC Coaching Institute.

Best SSB Coaching Institute in Patna for SSB Preparation: - The SSB interview, known as the Service Selection Board, is one of the toughest interviews in the Army. For preparing for this interview, Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute located in Allahabad provides the following facilities.

  • MKC conducts Mock Interviews to make the most difficult part of the interview, the Personal Interview section, easy and successful.
  • The facility of Major Kalshi Classes Swiss School is provided for the candidates who cannot speak English fluently.
  • The mock interviews conducted in the coaching camps are conducted under the guidance of a retired officer of the Armed Forces.
  • There is a huge open field in the coaching campus of Major Kalshi Classes for GTO preparation.
  • Through the preparation of psychological tests by trained teachers and books created by teachers, candidates can score more marks on a psychological test.
  • A Swiss school has been formed by Major Kalshi Classes to master the English language.
  • At the same time, facilities are provided to the candidates to successfully perform the task to be conducted based on intellectual ability and mental ability.
  • For the first day i.e. Screening Test, Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute gets solved question papers equipped with intellectual abilities in the classroom.
  • In the books published by MKC, you get many types of questions related to verbal and non-verbal and PPDT.
  • Under the guidance of trained teachers and army officers, candidates are given books related to psychological tests and their tips and tricks.
  • MKC Learning Application developed by MKC for remote students is an excellent online platform for exam preparation and SSB interview.
  • Through this application, candidates can easily access all types of information related to exam preparation and live classes.
  • Where physical training is conducted every Sunday in the presence of retired trainers of the Indian Armed Forces and the best trainers of the Allahabad region.
  • Where the candidate can easily develop his/her English skills.
  • Best hostel facility for remote students and well-equipped library in SSB Interview coaching in Patna (MKC Prayagraj).
  • To download the MKC Learning Application and register yourself through the MKC Learning Application, click on the link given below.

MKC Coaching Institute conducts offline classes for the preparation for SSB interviews. For this, candidates from all over the country can get themselves registered in MKC and get hostel facilities of the coaching campus. Use the link of the official website given below to join MKC Coaching Institute and take admitted to SSB Coaching Institute in Patna for an SSB Interview. If you want, you can also register yourself by reaching the coaching campus of MKC located in Prayagraj using the contact number and address given below.

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