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The Indian Army gives many opportunities to join the Indian Army. Every aspirant wants to join the Indian Army as an officer to serve their nation. After General Duty (GD), Soldier clerk or SKT (Storekeeper Technical)  is the most famous of all trades and vacancies. Unlike GD, clerks are more about working in written examinations than physical standards and also need greater educational recruitments than GD. The written examination CEE of Clerk is also much tougher than GD (General Duty) and Tradesman. Firstly you have to know the preparation strategy to crack the examination for Army Clerk. Firstly you go through the whole syllabus and make a timetable according to the subject.

Work hard on your mistakes and also do smart work because success needs hard work with smart work.

Go thoroughly to the previous year's question Paper of Army Soldier Clerk Paper Previous year's question, paper gives you an idea about the pattern of examination difficulties of questions, weightage of the subject, topics and also PVT.LTD in Jaipur which makes you experience at the completion level of the defence examination.

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Now, lot’s discussion about the Eligibility candidates of Army Clerk with detailed information. Army Clerk one who was appointed in the Indian Army keeping and so on are the work of an Army clerk . 

The first step to serve in the Indian Army is to recruit Army Clerk  candidates to apply for this post and candidates also have the following qualifications with their (verified documents) in educational requirements.

Nationality-  A candidate who wants to show their patriotism towards their country should be an Indian Citizen with their verified documents by the government of India.

Educational Requirements -: Candidate must have passed their High school  as well as intermediate he or she must have at least  60 percent marks in 12th and 50 percent marks in each and every required subjects.

Age Limitations -:  Candidates must acquire the age of maximum 25 years and minimum age of candidate must be 17.5 years.

Physical standards includes (Height weight and chest) -:

Region of Jammu and Kashmir , Himachal pradesh, Punjab Hills and Uttarakhand have height of 162 cm weight 48 kg and chest 77

Andhra pradesh , Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Goa and Pondicherry candidates have height  of 162 cm , weight 50kg and chest 77.

And if you want to know about the rest region please visit the official website of the Indian Army clerk i.e

Now if you all have above mentioned qualifications then  you can apply for the post of Army clerk in the Indian Army. 

Here if the selection Criteria for the candidates who want to join the Indian Army recruit that is Army Clerk  is completed in three steps in full detail -:

Physical Test -: Physical test of this criteria is the first phase of all the  phases. This is the physical round and it is an important step for the aspirants. The Physical Test phase needs lots of hard work with smart including practice to be done. Physical Test is divided into different section which includes-:

Running in Physical Test -: Candidates have to run about 1km 600 meters. Candidates have to take four rounds of the ground which is about 400 meters in the time limit of 50 min 30 sec. Of Group A - 60 marks alloted by the authorities and for Group B - 5 min 31 sec to 5 min 45-sec 48 marks given to them.

 Jumping in physical Test -:  Candidates have to jump about 9 feet and there is no marks allotment for this round but it is compulsory to pass this physical Test.

Balancing Vim -: It is a last physical Test in which the candidates have to walk on a thin board.

Candidates have to balance themselves because the path to keep balance is Zig-Zag .

Medical Test For clerk in the Indian Army-:  Medical Test of the Candidate is conducted after the physical test of candidates,examination test at any time in this test candidate must be physically and mentally fit and also their body parts Candidate must be disease free.

Written Test -: Written test is the last stage of the selection procedure in the Army clerk of the Indian Army.

Written examination is stage -1 and stage - 2 

Stage - 1 -: General Knowledge with 05 number of questions with 20 marks.

Mathematics -: these are 10 questions with 40 marks.

General Science -: These are 05 numbers of questions with 20 marks.

Stage - 2 -: In this stage only the General Science with 25 number of questions with 100 marking schemes.

There is  negative marking in the written examination of Army clerks  in the Indian Army.


Indian Army Clerk Eligibility Criteria:  Number of Attempts

There is no restriction on the number of attempts for the Indian Army Clerk Exam. Candidates can appear for the exam as many times as they want provided they fulfill the other standards mentioned above.

Army Clerk Syllabus for written exam:

General Knowledge:

  • History
  • Culture
  • Geography
  • Abbreviations
  • Sports
  • Awards and Prizes
  • Terminology
  • Indian Armed Forces
  • Continents, and Sub Continents
  • Inventions and Discoveries
  • The Constitution of India
  • International Organizations
  • Books and Authors
  • Knowledge of Important events that have happened in India and at the world level in recent years
  • Current important world events, Prominent personalities, etc.

General Science:

Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, based on fundamentals and day to day activities (difference between the living and nonliving) growth and reproduction in plants and animals, the basis of life – cells, protoplasms, and tissues elementary knowledge of the human body and its important organs common epidemics, their causes, prevention, etc


  • Algebra
  • Basic algebraic problems: Fundamental Arithmetical Operations, 
  • Natural numbersIntegers, fractionsRational/irrational numbers, Decimal fractions, HCF & LCMSquare root, Ratio and Proportion, 
  • Percentages, AveragesProfit & loss, Simple and compound interest
  • Geometry: Familiarity with elementary geometric figures and facts,
  • Mensuration: Triangle, Quadrilaterals, Regular Polygons, Circle, etc
  • Trigonometry: Trigonometry, Trigonometric ratios, Complementary angles, height, distances, etc


  • Computer System,
  • Concept of Memory,
  • Input / Output Devices,
  • The basic concept of an Operating System and its functions,
  • Introduction to Windows,
  • MS Word,
  • MS PowerPoint, MS Excel.


  • Comprehension
  • Parts of Speech: Article, Noun and Pronoun, Adjective. (ad) Preposition, Conjunction, and models.
  • Verbs
  • Tenses: Present/past forms, Simple/continuous form, Perfect forms, Future time reference
  • Sentence Structure
  • Type of Sentences: (Affirmative/interrogative sentences), Use of Phrases, Direct and Indirect speech, Active and Passive Voice.


Indian Army Clerks are paid a handsome amount of salary as per the 7th pay commission guidelines. In the initial days of service, clerks are given a monthly salary of Rs.20,000. Over time there are various increments in the salary. There are different allowances as well that Indian Army Clerks receive. On average Indian Army Clerks receive Rs. 32,000 per month.

Indian Army Clerk Benefits and Perks- 

After serving the probation period there are various perks and benefits that Indian Army Clerks enjoy other than a handsome amount of salary and allowances. Some of these perks and benefits are as follows:

  • Medical Facilities
  • Transport
  • Paid Leaves
  • Pension
  • Health Insurance
  • Bonus
  • Increments and Incentives
  • Government Accomodation and more.

Indian Army Clerk Job Profile- 

Candidates once selected to the post of Clerk in the Indian Army have to serve a probation period of two years during which their performance is observed. After the end of two years, they are regarded as permanent employees. The various roles and responsibilities of Indian Army Clerks are as follows:

Maintain files and records

Attend meeting and note minutes of the meeting

Basic bookkeeping tasks and issue invoices, checks etc.

Perform duties as assigned by the senior officers. 

Indian Army Clerk Career Growth- 

Being a Clerk in the Indian Army opens a plethora of opportunities for candidates to learn and grow. There are various workshops organized for candidates for their personal development. Besides, there are various increments and raises in the salary and allowances of Indian Army Clerks. Thus, Indian Army Clerk is a profession which is filled with various opportunities for the development of an individual.

Indian Army Clerk In-Hand Salary- 

The in-hand Army Clerk Agniveer Salary is the remuneration that the employee receives every month after the deduction of tax, PF, gratuity, and other such things.

Candidates will avail of bonuses and their in-hand salary will increase every year.

The candidates can enjoy the increments once they complete the probation period.

Indian Army Clerk Agniveer - Salary Slip- 

The salary slip for the Indian Army Clerk Agniveer posts is released every month by the Department. The salary slip of the clerk has various details such as the months’ salary, allowances, deductions, etc. The salary slip released every month is useful for the employees of the Government as they can use it to apply for loans and other personal uses.

Indian Army Clerk Agniveer Probation Period- 

The Indian Army probation period in the government sector is the timeframe that an employee has to undergo to change his/her status of employment from temporary to permanent. The probation period is mandatory for all the candidates to undergo to confirm their place in the Department. During the probation period, the candidates are under extra supervision as their performance and work ethic are judged by their seniors. If the candidates are found fit throughout their probation period, they will reserve a permanent spot in the Department. For this, the candidates must work exceptionally well to secure their place. The probation period for the Indian Army Clerk Agniveer posts generally lasts for 2 years. Though, it can be extended if seen fit by the concerned department. The candidates can enjoy all the perks and benefits associated with the job after their probation period has ended.



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