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The Indian Army recruits Army medical corps i.e AMC (NT) i.e non- technical , which is a specialist corps in the Indian  Army which provides medical services to all Army personnel when they are needed . AMC (NT) i.e  Army Medical corps (Non- tech) branch officers are non-medical (non- doctor) persons. AMC i.e Army Medical corps officers  are under two cadres, medical officers (Read  doctors) and NT  (Non- technical) officers .

NT (Non-technical) are AMC officers who are not doctors and are selected via  SSB i.e Services Selection board Unlike medical officers. 

Thereafter they undergo training at AMC center and college at Lucknow after which they are posted to various service hospitals as quartermaster or company commander. They from a link are often looked upon for guidance by commandants/ commanding officers to deal with various issues. AMC i.e Army medical corps (NT) i.e Non- technical officers are essential for running of service hospitals and are involved in all fields like Logistics, discipline  , transport, training , administration etc . Except for the treatment part.

Thereafter they undergo training at AMC contre and college at Lucknow after which they are posted to various service hospitals as quartermaster or company commander. They form a link between AMC and othe arms and services  and are often looked upon for guidance by commandants/ commanding officers to deal with various issues. AMC i.e Army medical corps (NT) i.e Non-Technical officers are essential for running of service hospitals and are involved in all fields like logistics, discipline, transport, training administration etc. Exception for the treatment part.

The Army Medical Corps came into existence as a homogeneous corps of officers and men on the pattern of the Royal Army Medical Corps on 3 apr 1943 by the amalgamation of the Indian Medical Service, the Indian Medical Department and the Indian Hospital & Nursing Corps. The Cops was formed as a wartime necessity for service in a rapidly expanding army.

The Army Medical Corps is amongst one of the best options available to medical graduates of our country where there is an opportune professional order blended with high degree of professionalism, dignity and self esteem. It offers a golden opportunity to be a part of the world's finest service and get trained not only to be an officer and a gentleman but also a highly skilled professional . The Army Medical Corps promises both professional and personal growth at every stage of the career.. In addition to the professional growth and development, the adventure and extra-curricular activities in the service ensure an all round development essential for today’s world. Apart from attractive pay and perks, service offers the best in lifestyle and professional growth.

Training Academy - : 

  • AMC (Army Medical Corps)  center and college.

The duration of Training is three months as per the mentioned guidelines.


  • The nationality of the candidate should be Indian and all the documents are verified by the government of India . 

Age Criteria-:

Candidates for AMC i.e Army  medical corps in (NT) Non- Technical must not be above 42 years of age at the time of submission of application.

Marital status -:

  • Candidate should be unmarried /married

Educational Qualifications-: 

  • The minimum educational qualification for the AMC (NT) i.e Army Medical corps (Non-Technical) will be the Indian Army Special Certificate / Matriculation or its equivalent examination. 



  • There are two stages of selection for the selection of candidates stage 1 is SSB (Service Selection Board)  and stage - 2 is  Medical examination. After the two stages, all candidate applications are forwarded to RTG. Directorate (NCC entry) through HQ DG NCC.  The  NCC units/ GP HQs will forward the applications to State Directorates who in turn will forward the same to HQ DG NCC Thereafter through screening and shortlisting of applications of candidates will be carried out by the NCC Directorates and HQ DG NCC


Tests are conducted or framed to test the qualities and personality of the aspirants. SSB i.e Service Selection Board interview has a unique pattern and procedure wherein the tests ar framed i a manner so  as to reflect the actual personality and psychology of the candidate .There are certain established qualities in the Indian Armed forces called the Officer Like Qualities (OLQ) which are usually looked  for in a aspirant during this interview so the five day procedure in and attempt by the Selection Board to observe the candidates and scrutinize their every quality to see if they have the required OLQ. the entire procedure as Followed on different day is as follows in details is given below-: 

SSB (Service Selection Board) interview

Day - 1 On the very First day, the screening  test is conducted consisting of  an OIR (Officers Intelligence Rating) test and PPDT (Picture Perception and Description Test) in the OIR Test , Candidates are given a set of  50 Questions based on quantitative Aptitude and verbal and Non- verbal reasoning.The time given to solve these question will be 30 minutes. After that in PPDT (Picture Perception and Description Test )  . The candidates who do ot perform well are sent back on the first day.

Day - 2 - After the first day, the candidate is called for psychological testing on the second day of SSB (Service Selection Board) interview.

TAT (Thematic Apperception Test ) - In this test , the candidates are shown II hazy / blur pictures on the write a positive story. The 12th picture will be blank and the candidate needs to write a self- description.

WAT (Word Association Test) - This test determines a candidate’s psychology 60 words shown on a projector and candidates have to associate these words with some positive events.

SRT (Situation Reaction Test) - in this 10 minutes will be given to the candidate for answering these questions. 60 questions are given and candidates have to write 2 - 3 sentences in each situation.

 Day 3 and 4 in SSB - On the third and fourth day the GTO tasks are done to determine the suitable candidate GTO (Group Testing  Officer) is the most powerful person in the SSB (Service Selection Board) interview because he will spend two days testing the abilities of candidates.

GTO (Group Testing Officers) divided into following tasks-: 

  • (GD) Group Discussion 
  • (GPE) Group Planning Exercise 
  • (PGT) Progresive Group Task 
  • (GOR) Group Obstacle Race 
  • (HGT) Half Group Task 

Day - 5 day of the SSB interview -  On this day the candidate is called for the conference for verification by the panel and after this the result is announced.

A personal interview round is also organized on any day between the second to the fourth day. The interview officers are a dop senior officer like Colonel or Brigadier.

Personal Interview is an integral part  of SSB interview process in which he details in PIQ i.e Personal Information Questionnaire so they need to be correct and genuine.

 AMC (NT) i.e Army Medical Corps (Non - Technical) From the date of issue of final orders from the DG AFMC  intimating their final  selection. Above informative article is beneficial for the aspirat who visits here. To get  commission in AMC (NT) in the Indian Army , join  MKC Major Kalshi Classes PVT.LTD in Jaipur.                            MKC defence training institute elaborated the highest number of selection rate in all defense exams with our branches i.e in Jaipur .

         Additionally, MKC has India's largest GTO  ground consists of obstacles 

         The task under the guidance of Ex-GTO, Psychological Test by Ex- Psychologist, Latest Screening Test   OIR Test, PABT Test, Interview by Ex - interviewing officers and SSB Board  President.

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