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AFCAT Coaching for SSB Interview

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Major Kalshi Classes provide the Best AFSB Coaching in India. Those who have aimed to become air force officers through the Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT) can go through further details regarding the AFCAT SSB Interview. The AFCAT exam is conducted twice a year in February and August. Advertisements inviting applications for AFCAT are out in June and December. Candidates are to apply as per the advertisement. The test is conducted all across India by the Indian Air Force.

AFCAT Selection Process

As soon as the AFCAT written test is successfully conducted, candidates await the AFCAT result. With the release of the result, those who The AFSB comprises the following stages:

  • AFCAT Written Test
  • AFSB Testing - Air Force Selection Board Testing
    • Stage 1 Testing - OIR, PP&DT
    • Stage 2 Testing - Psychological Tests, GTO Tasks, Personal Interview CPSS
  • Medical Examination - If you are recommended by the Selection Board, you will be sent for the medical examination either at the Air Force Central Medical Establishment (AFCME), New Delhi or the Institute of Aviation Medicine, Bengaluru.
  • Merit List - An All India Merit List is compiled on the basis of your performance in the written test and AFSB interview, subject to being medically fit. Based on the vacancies available in various branches/sub-branches, joining instructions are issued to join one of the Training establishments.

AFSB Selection Centres

  • AFSB Dehradun
  • AFSB Mysore
  • AFSB Varanasi
  • AFSB Gandhinagar

AFCAT SSB Interview - Day-Wise Schedule

Day Stage of the AFSB Exam Type of Test
Day 1 (Morning) Stage I Screening (OIR & PPDT)
Day 1 (Afternoon) Stage II Psychological Test & Document Verification
Day 2 Group Test/ Interview
Day 3 Group Test/ Interview
Day 4 Group Test/ Interview
Day 5 Group Tests/Interviews & Board Conferences
Day 6 CPSS for candidates applying for flying branch only.

AFSB Selection Stages

AFCAT SSB Intvrview - Stage 1

Three tests make up the Stage-I AFCAT AFSB interview round, which is the screening test designed to gauge candidates' mental fitness. On the first day of the SSB Selection process, this test will be given. The tests for Stage-I of the SSB/AFSB Interview are as follows:

  • OIR Test (Officers Intelligence Rating Test)

The Officers Intelligence Rating Test, which comprises of both verbal and non-verbal exams, is administered on the first day of class. Candidates are given a two-set of booklets with 40 questions each, and this round has a 15 to 17 minute time limit (for each booklet).

  • PP & DT (Picture Perception & Description Test)

Candidates must jot down any pertinent information, including their sex, age, and other details, about an image that is exhibited for 30 seconds in this round before writing a story in 4 minutes.

  • GD (Group Discussion)

In this phase, a group of 10 to 15 candidates is established, and each one is required to tell their personal narrative. To reach a consensus, everyone in the group will share and describe their personal experiences. Typically, each person is allowed two minutes to tell their experience, and groups are given five to six minutes.

AFCAT SSB Interview - Stage 2

AFSB Interview Day 2

Test Details
Thermal Apperception Test (TAT) In this round, 12 images are shown to candidates and they are supposed to create a story on each for 4 minutes.
Word Association Test (WAT) In this round, a total of 60 words are displayed on the screen each for 15 seconds. The candidates are supposed to write the sentences that come to their minds.
Situation Reaction Test (SRT) Here, a booklet is given to candidates that have 60 real-life situations. The candidates are expected to write their reactions. A total of 30 minutes is given for this task.
Self-Description Test (SDT) Candidates in this test have to describe themselves and share their opinion related to their parents, friends, etc. The time limit given is 15 minutes.

AFSB Interview Day 3

Test Details
Group Discussion The group discussion is conducted on two different topics and the duration of each discussion is almost 30 minutes.
Group Planning Exercise In this task, candidates have to work together in groups and are provided with a story with some challenges. They need to work on the same and come up with a realistic solution
Progressive Group Task Candidates need to work together and have to clear all 4 given hurdles.
Half-group Test (HGT) This test is quite the same as PGT but organized in a smaller group


Test Details
Lecturette Each candidate is given a chit mentioning 4 topics, out of which they are supposed to share their opinion on one.
Individual Obstacles (IO) In this task, candidates are supposed to clear 10 given obstacles within 3 minutes.
Command Task (CT) The candidate is made the commander and is provided with a hurdle that needs to be resolved while working as a team.
Final Group Task (FGT) In this task, the entire group is given a task that needs to be completed within the allotted time

AFSB Interview - Day 5

This is the last time the assessor would open the conference with a closing address. All the officials who accessed candidates will be present at this conference.

The board will hear the whole narrative of each candidate's evaluation as they each make an individual appearance. Candidates that are hired to work on Borderline will be presented with specific circumstances, and a group decision will then be made.

After the Conference is done, candidates whose applications were rejected would leave.

AFCAT SSB Interview - Day 6

CPSS solely for applicants being considered for the flying branch. The procedure of filling out documents will start following CPSS for the relevant branch, if appropriate.

MKC 14 Day SSB Training



DAY - 1

Introduction to SSB(5 days SSB Procedure, Officer Like Qualities & PIQ form)

DAY - 2


DAY - 3

Screening test, Mock practice and Feedback

DAY - 4

Introduction to Psychological Test & Thematic Apperception Test

DAY - 5

Word Association Test & SRT (Situation Reaction Test)

DAY - 6

Self Description Test & Complete Psychological Test and Feedback

DAY - 7

OIR, (Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning class)

DAY - 8

Personal Interview Briefing

DAY - 9

Mock Interview & Feedback to Student

DAY - 10

Mock Interview & Feedback to Student

DAY - 11

G.T.O. Briefing, GD and Lecturette

DAY - 12

P.G.T, H.G.T, G.P.E, & G.O.R.

DAY - 13

IO, CT, FGT and Conference

DAY - 14


Complete Marking Scheme For AFSB Interview

A minimum of 90 points must be obtained from each assessor. SSB has a total of 900 points. It is then divided into four parts (psychology, GTO, interview, and conference round), with each test phase receiving 900/4=225 marks.



Minimum Marks for Recommendation
















AFCAT SSB Interview Course Fee Details:

Course Name/Code SSB+ SPOKEN
Course Duration 14 DAYS+1 MONTH
Form Fee Rs.525/
Course Fee Rs.15,000/-
Total Payable Amount Rs.15,525/-Pay Now
Course Name/Code SSB INTERVIEW
Course Duration 14 Days
Form Fee Rs.525/
Course Fee Rs.12,000/-
Total Payable Amount Rs.12,525/-Pay Now
Course Duration 3 Days
Form Fee Rs.525/
Course Fee Rs.3,000/-
Total Payable Amount Rs.3,525/-Pay Now
Course Duration 14 DAYS+1 MONTH
Form Fee Rs.525/
Course Fee Rs.15,000/-
Total Payable Amount Rs.15,525/-Pay Now
Course Duration 14 Days
Form Fee Rs.525/
Course Fee Rs.12,000/-
Total Payable Amount Rs.12,525/-Pay Now
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