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Major Kalshi Classes is the BEST ACC SSB COACHING IN RANCHI


MKC i.e Major Kalshi Classes PVT.LTD in Ranchi is one way to get commission in the Indian Army. Indian Army releases many  recruitment for the interested candidates to join the Indian Army and fulfill your dream .If you do not do the best in written examination then the Indian Army gives you a another option to get commissioned in the Indian Army direct SSB Interview entry by which you can be selected to serve as an officer in the Indian Army .


By the help of this article you may surely get accurate and valuable information about the ACC SSB INTERVIEW, you must read this article of ours till the end, with which you get accurate and detailed information about this entry. 


ACC also known as Army Cadet College Wing is known for preparing soldiers from the regular Army, Navy as well as Air Force for commission as officers in the Indian Army. ACC has been in operation more than 80 years and also responsible for producing a number of notable alumni. 


Army Cadet College Recruitment is open to eligible (OR) i.e known as (Other Ranks) between the ages of 20 and 27 with a minimum of two years of service as well as 10+2 pass qualification. 


How do I fill out the ACC Entry Exam form?


Aspiring applicants must apply for the ACC exam online. The exam is given in the form of a written examination. To apply online, follow these steps:


  • Step 1: Go to the Indian Army's official website.
  • Step 2: On the right side of the page, click 'Apply Online.'
  • Step 3: Enter your information as well as check your eligibility.
  • Step 4: If you are eligible, proceed and complete the application form.
  • Step 5: After filling out all of the information, pay the payment fee.
  • Step 6: Keep your Registration ID & Password for future reference.


Step-by-Step ACC Entry Selection Procedure- 

  • Step 1: The CO or OC conducts a unit-level written exam to identify potential soldiers for the ACC entry.
  • Step 2: Candidates who pass the ACC written exam are interviewed by the senior officers for further screening, as well as the documents of the selected applicants are then forwarded to the higher formation.
  • Step 3: Selected aspirants are assigned to Command HRDCs (Human Resource Development Centers) for a 10-week training course. DGMT/MT-15 -Director General of Military Training MT-15 - will announce the results.
  • Step 4: A merit list of 500 aspirants is created, which includes jawans who will be interviewed by the SSB. These candidates must pass a preliminary screening test, which is similar to the SSB interview.
  • Step 5: Following the screening test, 200 applicants are chosen to attend the Young Leaders Course (YLC) at OTA Chennai, while the remaining candidates will attend Personality Development Training, i.e., PDT at the AEC Centre & Command HRDCs.
  • Step 6: Candidates who pass the SSB interview and medical tests are invited to join the ACC wing of the IMA (Indian Military Academy.)


After clearing all the aspects like written examination, SSB Interview and Medical examination, successful candidates are trained for three years at Army Cadet College Wing in Dehradun. 




The SSB  Service Selection Board interview spans for 5 days during which various tests are conducted or framed to test the qualities and personality of the aspirants.SSB i.e Service Selection Board  interview has a unique pattern and procedure where in the tests are framed in a manner so as to reflect the actual personality and psychology of the candidate.


The SSB Service (Selection Board) interview spans for five days during which various tests are framed to test the qualities and personality of the aspirant.  

There are certain established qualities in the Indian Armed forces called the ‘Officer Like Qualities’ (OLQ) which are usually looked  for in an aspirant during this interview. So the five day procedure is an attempt by the Selection board to observe the candidates and scrutinize  their every quality to see if they have the required OLQ. (Officers like Qualities) The entire procedure as followed on different day is as follows in details is given below -:



The screening test is conducted consisting of an OIR and PPDT. The candidates who do not perform well are sent back on the first day. 



Candidates will go for Psychological Testing i.e  TAT (Thematic Apperception Test), WAT (Word Association Test), SRT (Situation Reaction Test).



GTO testing divided into following tasks- 

  1. (GD) Group Discussion 
  2. (GPE) Group planning Exercise 
  3. (PGT) Progressive Group Task 
  4. (HGT) Half Group Task 
  5. Group Obstacles Race 
  6. Lecturette 
  7. Individual Obstacles 
  8. Command Task 
  9. Final Group Task 



On the 5 day of SSB the candidates are called for the conference for the verification by the panel and after this the result is announced by authorities.


A Personal interview round is also organized on any day between second to the fourth day.

The interview officers are a top senior officer like Colonel or Brigadier. Personal interview is an integral port of SSB (Service Selection Board) interview in PIQ i..e Personal Information Questionnaire. So they need to be correct and genuine.


ACC Entry  Salary and Allowances - 


When candidates are chosen for the service, they will be in training for some time and will learn the duty routine and manners of the Indian Army, among other things. While undergoing training, ACC salary to cadets will be paid as a stipend of approximately INR 21,000/- per month.


The govt. or training organization will cover all of the cadets' expenses while they are in training. Here are some of the benefits that cadets receive while in training.


  • Free foods
  • Free clothing
  • Free Transportation
  • Dearness Allowance
  • Free Laundry etc.
  • They will also provide all training equipment & clothing at no cost. This is just basic pay while cadets are training to become officers in the military. He will have a completely different pay scale & allowances. When a cadet is assigned to the Indian Army as an officer. He will be appointed as a Lieutenant in the Indian Army, with a monthly salary of around INR 74,000/- and some amazing benefits. This is only the ACC salary; they also receive many other benefits for their service. The following are the allowances that officers receive in the Indian Army.


Here are some incredible ACC entry cadet allowances and benefits that one receives while serving in the Indian Army:


  • Lifelong Pension
  • Transportation Allowances
  • Dearness Allowances
  • Housing Allowances
  • Kit Maintenance Allowances
  • Field Area Allowances
  • Parachute Pay
  • High Altitude Allowances
  • Special Forces
  • Annual Leave of 2 Months
  • Casual Leave of 20 Days
  • Encash of Leave up to 300 Days of Last Pay Drawn
  • Death Cum Retirement Gratuity & Foreign Postings.
  • Air or Rail Travel Concession
  • Free Hospital Facilities
  • Low-Interest Loans
  • Canteen Facilities, Rations, etc.



The ACC Entry exam 2022 admit card will be available almost two days before the exam. The steps for downloading the ACC Admit Card 2022 are as follows.


  • Step 1: Navigate to the Indian Army's official website.
  • Step 2: On the right side of the page, click 'Download admit card.'
  • Step 3: Enter your login information & log in.
  • Step 4: From there, you can print your admit card.
  • Step 5: Save & print your admit card for future use.

From the above article, we hope that aspirants know the full details of the ACC ARMY CADET COLLEGE  (SSB) SERVICE SELECTION BOARD INTERVIEW. 

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