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Best ACC SSB Interview Coaching in India

Major Kalshi Classes is the Best Army Cadet College (ACC) SSB Interview Coaching in Delhi.

MKC i.e Major Kalshi Classes PVT.LTD in Delhi is one of the finest defence training institutes for all defence-related aspects like written examinations. SSB interview preparation, GTO obstacles etc If you are spending your valuable time looking for ACC SSB Interview best coaching in Delhi, then you are on the right path.  

MKC i.e Major Kalshi Classes PVT. LTD. in Delhi is well known for its SSb interview preparation. 


ACC i.e known as Army Cadet College wing is known for preparing Soldiers from the regular Army, Navy as well as Air force for commission as officers in the Indian Army . ACC has been in operation more than so years and also has produced a number of notable alumni.

Candidates must pass a writer examination in order to be considered for this field . 

The first course at IMA i.e known as Indian Military Academy includes 40 GCs, 15 of which are from Kitchener college , which became the ACC.

Army Cadet College recruitment is open to eligible (OR) i.e known a (Other Ranks) between the ages of 20 and 27 with a minimum of two years of service as well as 10+2 pass qualification . After passing the Military Training Directorate’s written exam , candidates should have to appear for the SSB and also Medical Board.

After clearing all the aspects like written examination, SSb interview and Medical examination, successful candidates enter college wing in Dehradun.

Now we discuss about SSB interview most important part of the recruitment is mentioned below -: 

 SSB i.e Service Selection Board interview  is one of the strenuous  and longest interviews , or we can elaborately say it scans you thoroughly.

 There are five days procedure where you go through different way of testing your personality 

 The candidates who clear their written exam such as CDS, NDA ,TA, INET, and AFCAT, are then called by the respective military board for SSB Service Selection Board interview . One  can also appear for SSB interviews by getting shortlisted direct entries- TES,TGC, SSC Tech  etc. 

The selected student then needs to appear  before a service selection Board for an intelligence and Personality Test .

 All those who are preparing to be a part of the defense forces should know all the full details about  ACC SSB  i.e   Army cadet college Service Selection Board  interview because until you understand the clemand of the interview you  will not be able to perform well. 

  1. ACC SSB INTERVIEW PROCEDURE ARE ELABORATED BELOW-:  The ACC SSB (Army Cadet College Service Selection Board) interview spans for 5 days during which various tests are conducted or framed to test the qualities and personality of the aspirants.
  1.  SSB (Service Selection Board) interview has a unique pattern and procedure wherein the tests are framed in a manner so as  to ref lect the actual personality and psychology of the candidate 
  2.  There  are certain established qualities in the indian armed forces called the ‘OFFICER LIKE QUALITIES’ (DLQs) which are usually looked for i a aspirant during this interview.
  3. The  entire procedure as followed on different days  is as follows in details in given  below -:

(1)  SSB INTERVIEW -: DAY - 1  On the very first day, the screening test is conducted constitution of an OIR (Officers Intelligence Rating ) test and PPDT (PICTURE Perception and Description test) 

  • In the OIR Test , candidates are given a set of . 50 questions based on Quantitative Aptitude  and verbal and Non- verbal reasoning .

The time given to solve these questions will be 30 minutes  and they have to come up with a thoughtful story based on your perception.

 SSB INTERVIEW -: DAY - 2  After the first day, the candidate is called for psychological testing on the second day of SSB interview

  • TAT (Thematic Apperception Test) -: In this test, the candidates are shown II hazy / blur pictures on the projector and candidates have to write a positive story.
  • WAT (Word Association Test ) -: This test determines candidates' psychology 60 words shown on a projector and candidates have to associate these words with some positive events.
  • SRT (Situation Reaction Test) In this 10 minutes will be given to candidate for answering these questions 60 question 2-3 sentences in each situation 


  • On the third and fourth day the GTO tasks are done to determine the suitable candidate GTO (Group Testing Officers )  is the most powerful person in the SSB interview because he will spend two days of testing the abilities of candidates.
  •  GTO testing is divided into the following tasks -: 
  1. Group Discussion (GD)
  2. Group Planning Exercise (GPE)
  3. Progressive Group Task (PGT)
  4. Group Obstacle Race (GOR)
  5. Half Group Task (HGT) 
  6. Lecturette
  7. Individual Obstacles 
  8. Command Task
  9. Final Group Task.


  • On this day the candidate is called for the conference for verification by the panel and after this the result is announced.
  • The interviewing officers are top senior officers like a colonel or Brigadiers. 

A personal interview is an integral part of the SSB interview process in which the details in PIQ i.e personal information question form are matched with your personality so they need to be correct and genuine.

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