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14 Days at MKC

14 Days SSB Interview

The Major Kalshi Classes runs each SSB Interview Coaching term for 14 days each, for an intensive 112 hours training. Even though this strict schedule keeps candidates occupied all day, they still find plenty of time to form lifelong friendships and make wonderful memories to cherish and share. On completing the course most students don’t want to part with their new found friends and find themselves accustomed to the busy yet fun routine at Major Kalshi Classes Pvt. Ltd.

Women Candidate

14 Days SSB Interview

SSB Interview Coaching For Women Special Entry Scheme

Major Kalshi Classes Pvt. Ltd. provides a safe and comfortable environment for women candidates who want to undergo SSB training and overcome any fears or challenges that lie ahead. Separate on campus hostel facility is available for women candidates with a dedicated security guard.
A lady warden is present on campus 24 hrs a day for any assistance

Medical Check-Up Camps

14 Days SSB Interview

Medical checkup camps are organized regularly to check students as force services need such check-up tests.


14 Days SSB Interview

The Major Kalshi Classes Pvt. Ltd. observes strict discipline. Students not obeying orders, instructions, not completing work assigned or indulging in any undesirable activities will be expelled from the Academy and no money will be refunded. Students must not enter into any arguments with any of the Academy, Mess or Hostel staff

Sports Culture

14 Days SSB Interview

A great emphasis is laid on physical fitness, stamina and endurance in the SSB and then later at IMA, NDA , OTA etc. and all through an officer’s life. Sports instill and promote many qualities in an individual which prove to be beneficial in officer life too. At Major Kalshi Classes Pvt. Ltd. we promote what we call a sports culture among the aspiring candidates in order to bring out desirable officer like qualities in a person like:

  • Leadership
  • Team work
  • Cooperation
  • Healthy sense of competition
  • Sportsmanship or graciousness in victory and defeat
  • Strategic planning
  • Persistence
  • Patience
  • Highlights the importance of training
  • Highlights the importance of staying healthy
  • Promotes overall wellbeing of mind and body
  • Fairplay
  • Honour

All these qualities are desirable and often indispensible in an officer.
Students are encouraged to participate in the various sports available on campus during their free time at the Academy. Basketball, Football, Cricket, Volley Ball, Table Tennis are some of the sports played on campus grounds.

Chiefs of Army staff, Naval staff and Air Staff

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General Bipin Rawat

Chief Of Army Staff (COAS)
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Admiral Sunil Lanba

Chief of the Naval Staff (CNS)
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Air Chief Marshal B.S. Dhanoa

Chief of the Air Staff (CAS)

Supreme Commander of IAF

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Ram Nath Kovind

14th & current President of India


We are India’s Best defence training institute which has nothing to do with any other Delhi based defence institute.We have no branch in Delhi.
Beware of institutions defaming the reputed name of Major Kalshi Classes Private Limited.